Cotton printed short-sleeved shirt | shirt | cotton | independent brand |Sora-146

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Comfortable Skin Friendly / Print Joker / Hawaiian Style



Cotton printed short-sleeved shirt | shirt | cotton | independent brand |Sora-146


**● Remind**
Most of the May models were shot outdoors. Affected by the color temperature of the sun, some of the pictures appear to be lighter than the actual colors. The details of the pictures of the clothes taken at the bottom of the product copy pictures are based on the details.

**● About the work**
Fabric: Washed cotton print

How can I have to go to the beach in summer?
To go to the beach, of course, to wear a clothing with high rate of returning to ~
Always keeping an eye on our little partners should know
Our main style is minimalist style design
However, we live in a small monster ~
Occasionally we will try to do various styles
This time you can go out for the summer
Specially designed a Hawaiian print shirt ~

The fabric itself is more flowery
So the design style is relatively basic
Loose small collar
Summer wear will not be tight
The sides of the hem are opened
The whole is slightly loose version type
Can be worn with half skirts and trousers
Can also be worn inside with a T-shirt for casual wear
~ In short, it's pretty good-looking ~

**● About clothing parameters / size**!!112788138.jpg

**● About washing methods**
Hand wash / dry naturally

**● About precautions**
A: The fabric should not be infiltrated for a long time, not suitable for sun exposure, to prevent fading
Two: fabrics can not be directly into the clothes above the laundry liquid, laundry detergent should be diluted with water before the clothes can be put down, or else it will lead to discoloration of clothes
Three: In order to better protect the fabric, when drying, you can wring it out first, and then put it on the rack and dry it.

**● model**
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Waist circumference: 66cm
Try on: S code

**● About remarks**
All the products of the design hall are designed independently, including the selection of fabrics, accessories, running factories and so on. All of these fabrics are based on natural and environmentally friendly fabrics.
Before the shipment, we will re-iron the packaging for inspection. If you have any questions about the garment, you can contact us through pinko~

**● About transportation**
Under normal circumstances, products can be received within about 7 to 10 days after shipment, except for the peak period of international transportation. The peak shipping time may increase.
All mailed products will be transported to the airport first, and then airlifted to the mailing destination. After the customs clearance is completed, they will be transferred to the local transportation company for delivery.
Local friends in Taiwan can also choose to mail by "SF Express", so the speed of transportation will be faster (about 3 days), but the freight will be relatively expensive, and it needs to make up the difference.
In Hong Kong, SF Express Mail is used by default. You can receive the product within 2-3 days after shipment. The address of the recipient is the industrial and commercial area. Hong Kong friends who have received more than one week of arrival can also choose ordinary mailing methods. The price is more favorable than that of SF Express. Friends who choose ordinary mailing can contact us in advance.
※ Transportation companies traveling to Taiwan's outer islands (Wuhu, Matsu, Jinmen, Lianjiang, Outlying Islands, Xiaolanyu) will incur additional shipping charges. Please contact us before ordering a foreign friend.

**● Origin / manufacturing method**
Mainland X made with heart


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