8mm green earth winding ring refers to the planet simple crystal ornaments simple spar winding

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Carefully selected lapis lazuli, exactly like the appearance of the earth.


8mm green earth winding ring refers to the planet simple crystal ornaments simple spar winding


Classic copper wire wound ring

Pure hand-made copper, highlight the simplicity of natural stone beauty.

Carefully selected lapis lazuli, exactly like the appearance of the earth.

= Main stone =
Lapis lazuli diameter 8mm beads

= Color =
Blue ﹑ white sand ﹑ Sands

= Metal material =

American art copper wire

There are other copper colors can choose ~
Basically listed matches can do.

If you want to use precious metals, you can additionally purchase 14K gold package (rose gold)

Or additional purchase of pure silver line:


= Delivery Method = (Required)

[Hong Kong]
We use Hongkong postal service to all over Hongkong. Free shipping throughout the store.

HK $ 250 The following products will be sent by standard mail, take 3-5 working days will be served.
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HK $ 250 or above will be sent by registered mail and will take 1-2 business days.
Please be aware of the SMS messages sent by the post office.

[Taiwan / Maucao / Mainland China]

Because SF Express does not accept imported crystal from Taiwan, we can only deliver the parcel in the form of airmail to Hongkong Post Services.

There are three ways to send to Taiwan:
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= Inch =

Rings can not be adjusted, the guests need to be accurate ring to do.
Please fill in the note in the note, or after the order to provide information around the ring.
Not provided around the ring Not shipped.

How to measure the ring?

1. Prepare your own ring, ruler.

2. Use the pen to draw the inner circle on the paper, then measure the widest length (ie diameter)

3. Place the ruler on the diameter and take a picture from a top view. Send a picture to me in the message. In this way I help the guests do all the work (unless the wrong value).

As shown below:

1 pen not too thick, try to young!

2. Please confirm the ruler again and again. Many guests easily read 1.7cm into 1.2cm.

3. Because too many guests read the wrong value, so please try to take pictures to confirm.

4. Unless you are very sure that your American or international ring around the ring, or give me the diameter or circumference of the value, do not convert their own.

5. ****Please do not estimate their ring around! Do not measure their ring around, and then predict their wear another finger ring around! Because in the end most likely two fingers are not suitable!****

6. If you must use the epidermal circumference, be careful because one-handed use of the tape will be too loose. Please find a friend to help measure, or use the tape to help more accurate
Must repeat the measurement at least three times ---- really, because most people do not often use tape measure, and the hand is easy to loose, so it is not uncommon to read the wrong! Again, we must repeat the measurement at least three times

7. Do the ring will not change, and it is difficult for you to sell it to others.

8. If the last guests because of the wrong SIZE ring inappropriate, after the confirmation is not because of the production problems but because guests measure errors, will not be returned.


Unless otherwise specified, the ring will be packed in a small ring box.




Three rings or more may be packaged in large boxes + small paper bags.
When purchased together with other types of accessories, large boxes will be used together to reduce postage and reduce paper consumption.


= Statement =

1. There will be a certain degree of color difference between the computer screen and photos, etc., and the natural crystal will show different colors and different intensities under the sun, fluorescent lamp or tungsten lamp.
If you are particularly cautious, it is recommended to check the designer private information.

2. OUR each piece of jewelry are hand-made, certainly not the same as mass production as perfect. Jewelry will leave traces of handmade, perfectionist please avoid.


= Maintenance method =

If you want to save the metal part of the more shiny, please care it carefully to avoid rapid oxidation.

1. If used before wearing the skin care products / cosmetics / perfumes, as far as possible after wearing the jewelry dry;

2. Wear jewelry as much as possible do not touch the water, such as bathing, dishwashing, water, please wipe dry with a dry cloth,
Do not wear swimming, sea water or salt will make metal oxidation speed;

Do not sleep

4. After taking off the jewelry with a dry cloth to wipe away sweat and stains, and placed in the self-contained compact bag attached to save, you can wipe the silver cloth cleaning;

5. Put away from cosmetics / skin care products or volatile substances, placed in a cool dry place

6. Usually you can use a dry cloth swab crystal surface. Want to natural stone degaussing, jewelry can be placed in white crystal cluster or white crystal debris. Or ignite sage, Aura and other methods, do not use water.


If guests support environmental protection, you can propose to reduce the use of paper or carton requirements ^^

Origin / manufacturing methods
Hong Kong handmade


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