Little Red Riding Hood Big Wild Wolf Retro Gold Side Back/Cross Bag/Fatty Bag European Fairy Tale House-Dark Blue

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Inspired by the small town of Schutat, Austria, the exclusive print is paired with retro-style bronze metal mouth gold, pure cotton high-quality face cloth, showing taste and extraordinary. ●Can be put into long clips.


Little Red Riding Hood Big Wild Wolf Retro Gold Side Back/Cross Bag/Fatty Bag European Fairy Tale House-Dark Blue


❤The stock is sold out, please wait 15 days after placing the order, please pay special attention, thank you for your support of Boing Boing fairy tale bag ❤ When you don’t want to go out with a big bag When you want to relax afternoon tea with your girlfriends When you are dressed up to date with your boyfriend Retro X fairy tale = I want to go out with it on my back 💕 Bronze mouth gold Specially colored cotton threads are sewn into small holes A beautiful piece of timeless heritage / Exclusively designed printing/ Green roof, blue painted walls Taking advantage of the industrious father-in-law Sun just coming home, Come out and feel-- This European trail bathed in the summer evening breeze. Follow in their footsteps this time, Counting the little stones on the ground together, Passing through the new branches of the road together, Feel the warm breeze of summer night together, Together... Come to the fairy tale house where the night falls. 💛There are other designs and colors➜ White cottage, pearl milk tea / Features/ Exclusively designed printed and pure cotton face cloth, With a retro-style bronze metal mouth gold, Show your playful and cute care. The lovely lines and interesting geometric shapes on the roof, together with the lovely fairy tale house, Recite what is hidden in every adult's heart-the child-like self. / Works specifications/ Size: 21CM X 25CM Width: 5CM (*If you need to widen the fat bag to 10cm, it can be specially made by the designer by private messaging) Strap: bronze metal chain ●Can be put into long clips. ●Metal chain length 120~125CM / Works materials/ * Face cloth: pure cotton (lined with thick cotton) * Lining: pure cotton * Strap: bronze metal chain MADE IN TAIWAN Handmade by Taiwanese craftsmen, stitch by stitch, Let beautiful design become our daily life. Intimate reminder: 1. The computer display of each person may have color difference, please refer to the received product for the color. 2. The size is manually measured with a slight error of 2~3cm 3. Place of Origin: Taiwan / handmade ▲Exchange process 1. If it is a customized or customized product, no return or exchange will be accepted. 2. If you want to exchange goods, please contact us within 7 days. 3. Please send out the complete product (the product must be unused, with complete packaging and accessories) within 5 days after submitting the replacement application, and inform us of the shipping number in the station letter. 4. Taiwan orders: the buyer shall bear the shipping costs for the return and exchange of the goods for exchange, and we will bear the cost of the exchanged goods after they are sent. 5. We will send the designated replacement product within 3 working days after receiving the replacement product and confirming the status of the product. 6. Overseas orders: If there is a return or exchange, the shipping and return shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.


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