Rooftop Sunlight Leather Shoes-Rabbit Ear White

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✔ Double fixed up and down ✔ Lightweight outsole reduces weight by 1/3 ✔ Shoe edge anti-wear foot fat pad ✔ Devil felt to adjust the elasticity of the instep strap


Rooftop Sunlight Leather Shoes-Rabbit Ear White


Size / 35-40, foot width> 9.6 cm is tight, wide feet are not recommended to wear 🚩Sunlight small leather shoes in rooftop, 3 colors 🚩 -------------------------------------------------- --- 📍 Resume Bubble Nara handmade shoes Origin / Taiwan Color / White rabbit ears, Blue Mountain, Turmeric Leather / Cowhide Inner / first layer dolphins Insole / first layer dolphins Outsole / TPR lightweight wear-resistant rubber Follow height / 2.5 cm -------------------------------------------------- --- 🔆 we do what we do On the way to chase lazy people I have been working hard to make shoes wear faster. Regardless of the fact that time is money, a pair of beautiful shoes takes a lot of time to put on, It is enough to let people put out the fire and resist putting on it. - The rooftop is a pair of Outgoing shoes Let girls choose between sneakers and canvas shoes You can find another basis for wearing Enjoy the texture of the leather and the comfort is no less than the joy of sports shoes. Na has 3 requirements for shoes that require a lot of walking 1. Enough to cover the instep 2. The arch support is better 3. The cortex should be soft Use the wonderful combination of belt and devil felt to make going out more mobile Adding "beauty" is invincible. For size suggestions, please provide: 1. Foot length 2. Foot width 3. Foot shape 4. Normal version of normal leather shoes (The size of sports shoes and canvas shoes is too large. Please do not provide such shoes) 📦Return instructions The return of the goods must be kept in a new state. The shoes have folds, outsole wear and other traces that have been used, and no return will be provided. Please complete the packaging of the shoe box and accessories, BN will notify the home delivery package. Exchange / During the appreciation period, one size change service will be provided free of mail. However, if you request a return after the replacement, the buyer will have to pay 160 yuan postage for the return. Returns / You can request a return within 7 days of the appreciation period from the day you receive the product. If overseas orders need to be returned or exchanged, the buyer must bear the freight. ⚠ If the goods are sent overseas, if there is a tariff, the buyer must pay the tariff 🚦International inspection standards determine non-defective status🚦 Creases such as growth lines, skin lines, wrinkles and other non-human factors on animal skin. The handmade shoes are slightly asymmetrically embossed on the left and right feet. The left and right foot patterns of the leather are inconsistent, and the difference in color of each batch of leather is within 5%. The thread ends or joints that can be cut are repeatedly stitched, and the leather surface is less than 0.2cm. Slight glue spill, leather soak or heavy foot sweat cause discoloration.


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