Storm Solder Tin Alloy Fragrance Set

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Disney officially authorized products, eyecandle exclusive Star Wars fragrance series, Star Wars styling plus Taiwan exclusive craftsmanship, and eyecandle design and development, the most handsome Star Wars products!


Storm Solder Tin Alloy Fragrance Set


| Every generation has a legend. Every generation has a legend | For the explosive gun that can never shoot, we replaced the high-intensity particle beam with the red thread incense of Changhua Lugang Fragrant Old Factory, ignited the shredded tobacco, purified the air, and let the storm soldiers dye a layer of oriental Mysterious atmosphere. | Star Wars-Stormtrooper Tin-Lead Alloy Incense Set | 100% made in Taiwan. The design of the Storm Solder tin-lead alloy incense inserts is all made in Taiwan from design to mass production. Mold opening, casting, trimming, polishing, electroplating, grinding, etc. need to be carefully handled by experienced casting masters. The products are semi-hand-made, giving you the most detailed metal sculpture experience. | Disney Taiwan Exclusive License | Every Disney and Taiwan craftsmanship combined to develop fragrance series products, each detail is made according to the true proportions of movie props, and after strict review by the American Lucas film group, it has been modified numerous times to become a classic standard shape. | handmade temperature | Each of the Storm Solder tin-lead alloy incense inserts has gone through more than ten methods, from the attitude of holding a gun to the color of each part, and is semi-manually built with the master's years of experience. | tin-lead alloy | The requirement for details is our insistence. Using the strong fluidity of tin-lead alloy, the statue details are more beautiful while casting, and the storm soldier has a high degree of completeness. After tin-lead alloy is plated twice and polished repeatedly, the light and shadow on the Storm Soldier can highlight the overall momentum, which also tests the master's technology. | Made in Taiwan | 100% made in Taiwan, let's insist on the shape. With the craftsmanship of the master for many years, we only hope that the most perfect product will be delivered to you. | Detailed performance | With electroplating and polishing techniques, the look of the Storm Soldier is more realistic. The details of the accessories are also negligible. Mirrored chassis with Star Wars lettering. Finished products from various processes. | Fine incense with high-end French fragrance (high-intensity particle beam) | The red incense attached to the product is not only a high-intensity particle beam of the Storm Soldier, but also a practical incense. A specially selected French fragrance, with a cherry vintage Coke with American retro flavor, just like the bubble gum that comes with the American comics when I was excited when I opened the comics. Memory and taste buds exude a burst of sweet smell, with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Handcrafted from the old town of Lugang, Taiwan, using natural materials from Taiwan sandalwood and top French fragrances to produce natural lying incense, full of star wars flavor. The traditional thread incense manufacturing steps are reversed. Add the appropriate water and bark sticky powder to stir, then wrap the sandalwood powder and repeat it more than 6 times. By shaking in a roller, shake the excess powder, straighten the sun to dry, pick up dirt and trim. Crop. The high-quality sandalwood incense produced by Changhua's third-generation incense factory is specially customized for the color of high-intensity particle beams. Storm Solder Tin-Lead Alloy Fragrance Set Pre-Order Material and size ・ Burner of the Storm Soldier: Tin-lead alloy (78*102*105mm 1000g) ・ Star Wars Mirrored Chassis: Iron (197 * 84mm 142g) ・ Laser light incense: sandalwood powder plus French fragrance (160mm 20g) ・ Taiwan design made in Taiwan


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