Goody Bag - "Good luck"!

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Goody Bag - "Good luck"!


Goody Bag - "Good luck"! pinkoi anniversary We hold "blessing bag" Round long prepared for the blessing of the gift will be wrapped in a large box inside, So named "lucky box!" -------------------------------------------- Want to collect all the classic stickers in the round and round area Want to write love words sweet and grave card to her boyfriend girlfriend classmates Want to find a lovely Christmas card and exchange gifts of students Want to find their own DIY to do things do not be bored by the students Blessing box is very suitable for you Yo ~ -------------------------------------------- Let's see what the content is A. «sweet and sweet» series of four full set of postcards + series of stickers package 1 package Detailed design can look at this side: B. merryQueensmas Christmas card 4 + Christmas sticker bag 1 pack Details of the design can look at this side: C. "around you" temperature ink postcards 1 + "global travel" cut and cut stickers 1 Temperature Ink Postcard Design Introduction: Global travel shear cut stickers design introduction: D. classic stickers package a total of 9 packets + send October limited halloQueen million holy stickers 1 package Stickers please refer to: E. small no point gold coin 1 + "you and me" pink absorbent coaster 1 (Coasters have been sold out, 10/18 from the blessing of the box, the coaster replaced with the same price of ice cream socks!) Small point of zero money wallet introduction: You me my coaster introduction: Ice cream socks introduction: Coaster finished, so replaced by ice cream socks long so long -------------------------------------------- These things will be installed in a blessing big box, And then use the "poster wrapping paper" to help you seal. (Poster wrapping paper introduced here: ) Do not worry about the box will be wet in the delivery process, The box will eventually be installed in the pink courier bag was sent to send, Completely waterproof praise! The -------------------------------------------- In short, "blessing box" will be installed 8 sheets 30 yuan postcard (240) 1 piece of temperature ink postcards (60) 1 ceramic cup or ice cream socks (200) 1 mouth gold purse (150) 1 cut shears (120) 6 package 60 yuan stickers package (360) 4 packs 50 yuan stickers (200) 1 pack 20 yuan stickers (20) 1 package million holy stickers bag (October limited gift) -------------------------------------------- "The original price of 1350 yuan" ➜ now "as long as 1250 yuan" And then pinkoi anniversary of the whole museum 9 fold but the blessing box can "hit 8 fold"! = Only "1000" can put all the things to take home! And freight round long to help you out, completely free ~ Is not it great! -------------------------------------------- First wave delivery time is 10/25 Wednesday, Round long only one person, a pair of scissors, a right hand and a left hand can cut the paper and package goods. Ask the students to give me a few days ready to prepare Yo ~ Have any questions can go to the powder private message me or pinkoi station letter to find me y ❤ ️ ️ (The following areas can quickly contact round long) -------------------------------------------- FB: Queendergarten young and round IG: @queendergarten LINE: @ vro8827q -------------------------------------------- Origin / manufacturing method Young and round long hand


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