Simple Love] [original handmade Garnet Ring

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Simple Love] [original handmade Garnet Ring


[Simple Love] Want a vigorous love But only to find years later Simple love Is I have been pursued Like Hestia 【Basic Information】 Name: Greek Fantasy Series - Simple Love [Ring] Material: Brass Garnet Size: ring surface 2MM-3MM Process: manual winding beaded Maintenance: Uncle Ben brass ornaments that should be of lasting Mingxin, accompanied by traces of your life is different, is the imprint of your life, is only part of your mark, so if you vary the maintenance Description: Try to avoid erosion of chemicals such as when worn: 84 sulfur soap or disinfectant. Note: The brass jewelry easily oxidized and black, not the recipient, please carefully shot [Delivery and after-sales] Shipping: Because handmade, the daily production is limited, will arrange the order after confirmation of payment, based on the current customer orders and arrange delivery time, usually after 3-10 delivery. Special custom, the need to contact the seller Sale: 1, we support three days no reason to return, simply return to the original packaging. Our products are not secondary sales, so will be charged a 50% fee when you return the material loss, please know 2. As the size of the problem need to be modified jewelry, we will provide free modification service. 3, the above non-quality problems aftermarket buyers need to bear the return shipping. Description: 1: Our all products are handmade, the most unique handiwork charm that no two identical ornaments, each one is unique just for your existence, subtle hand traces inevitable, please understand. 2 We all returned products will not be the second sale! ! ! Uncle feel stupid jewelry because of you born, and your fate is, it will not be returned jewelry unto others, let it come down to the dust, and return to the dust fills so please cherish and its fate. Uncle Ben [Quotations] This machine is a full mass production era, people used to get cheap, ruthless abandon, slowly to life, people are more and more indifferent, more ruthless! however. Is this year, but to hand the existence of a tenacious spirit Nanyilijie, which tells us trust in the good, the true meaning of life, love, innocence, told us cherish, cherish the people around them. The true meaning of love and affection, implicit in the producer warm hands, every move will be present in every detail and traces in I think now called "manual original, retaining craft," is that the people yearning for a better life, but who really knows hand, must be strong and warm heart, full of longing for life, you do not follow the crowd! ------Stupid Uncle--- Origin / manufacturing methods Origin: China Handmade


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