String series night sky bracelet 925 sterling silver lapis lazuli malachite volcanic rock

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At night, A touch of blue, a touch of green From time to time, they broke through the night The silver stars are shining


String series night sky bracelet 925 sterling silver lapis lazuli malachite volcanic rock


|Product Description|

At night,
A touch of blue, a touch of green
From time to time, they broke through the night
The silver stars are shining,
The quiet night sky is dotted.

*Volcanic rock

Volcanic rock is a stone formed by magma after volcanic eruption. The surface of this stone is very rough and covered with small holes.
Contains minerals and trace elements, contains a huge energy field, minerals with earth energy, can lead us back
In the embrace of the earth.

Stone energy: volcanic rock corresponds to the bottom of the sea wheel, has infinite possibilities, can clean up the blocking energy, isolate
Negative energy damage, deep peace and deep relaxation, help us face the dark side and the unknown,
Have the power to change their problems and inertia.

* Lapis lazuli

In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli symbolized heavenly wisdom. Priests wear lapis lazuli to symbolize their wisdom and status.
In India and Tibet, lapis lazuli is the symbol of destruction and rebirth, Shiva and pharmacists.
In the medieval culture of Christ, lacquer was used as a painter to paint the robes of the Virgin, symbolizing chastity and reason.
Jinshi is a typical sacred stone

Stone energy: The lapis lazuli corresponds to the eyebrow wheel, which can enhance the energy of the mind and heart, improve the observation ability and understanding
Ability, smooth attitude, body protection and evil spirits, lapis lazuli is composed of many kinds of minerals, so it also symbolizes integration into one.

*矽 Malachite Chrysocolla

The name of Malachite is made up of Greek “chryso” gold and “kolla” glue, originally meant to sandwich yellow
The golden stone, but now referred to as Malachite, is another completely different thing.

Stone energy: 矽 Malachite corresponds to the throat wheel and heart wheel, and the color it presents is like looking at the earth from the outer space.
Forest and ocean lakes are just as natural, so with the energy connected to the earth, they can also receive mothers from the earth.
The message, so that our inner is full of courage and strength, and then express ourselves truly.

Natural minerals need to know |
The texture of each and every batch of natural ore is different from the color, which is the place where the natural ore is charming.
The hardness of each ore is different, whether it is wearing or collecting should avoid collision to avoid fragmentation.
Natural ores will have more or less ice cracks, missing or out of round beads.

|Materials / Material|
925 Silver / Malachite / Lapis Lazuli / Volcanic Rock / Japanese Elastic Silk Line

| Size / Specification |
Malachite 6mm / Lapis Lazuli 6mm / Volcanic Rock 6mm / Logo Silver Bead 8mm

| Hand size |
Customized, please note hand size.

|Hand measurements |
Hand circumference is calculated in centimeters. Please measure with a tape measure around your hand.
What we need is the true size, so don't use it too loose or too tight.

| Product Packaging |
Each product is accompanied by a brand package, which is very suitable either for personal use or for gifts.


The origin of Hanhan's name is translated from my Chinese nickname.
This is the nickname my deceased father had for me. The name Han Han is full of love for me.
It will be named after this name. It is to try to continue my efforts with my father’s expectations of me.
Let Daddy continue my love for me.

The main idea that Hanhan Jewelry wants to convey is positive strength, confidence and hope.
Sometimes it's just a thought, an idea, and the change of mood will be totally different.
Living in the moment and enjoying life, Wear it Enjoy your life!
Do you have a smile on our logo?
Smiley is a pattern I like very much. It can give me a very powerful force.
Smile is something that we all have. Don't give people a smile.
Laughter is contagious. Smiles make you feel good.

Regarding creation and design, I am not confined to using only certain materials or styles.
Instead, all kinds of materials and styles I would like to try to create, I think creation should be free, there should be no limit, of course, the premise is that quality and texture must be necessary.

|Service |

・We have perfect after-sales service, so don't worry about repairs, modifications, maintenance, etc. after purchase.
・We offer free maintenance and replacement of elastic silk thread.
・Maintenance and modification will be charged on a case-by-case basis. You can contact us for valuation first.

| Maintenance |

Silver / silver
・The best maintenance method is to wear it everyday because the body oil can make the silver jewelry naturally luster.
・ When wearing silver jewelry, avoid using other precious metals at the same time to avoid collision deformation, scratches or scratches.
・It is forbidden to wear silverware in hot springs. Hot springs will oxidize the silverware.
・When not wearing, wipe the dirt with a silver polishing cloth and place it in the clip pocket to avoid contact with the air.
・ If the silverware is very oxidized and cannot be wiped clean with a silver cloth, please send it back to us for maintenance. We have perfect after-sales service.

Brass / brass
・Brass and silver will oxidize, and the brass will turn retro bronze when oxidized. Especially in the sweaty climate in summer, the contact of brass with sweat will oxidize very quickly.
・The easiest way to restore luster is to wipe off with toothpaste. Use soft bristles to dip into the toothpaste and wipe gently. After cleaning, please use a hair dryer to completely dry the jewelry. When not wearing it, place it in the clip chain bag to avoid Air contact.
・The other method is to use copper oil to wipe it. Take a piece of cloth and dip in copper oil to wipe it lightly. After cleaning, use soap to clean it once. After cleaning it, use a hair dryer to completely dry the jewelry. The advantage of copper oil is that it can be postponed. The next oxidation time.
・If you can't clean it with either of the above methods, or are too lazy to clean it, please send it back to us for maintenance.
We have perfect after-sales service.

Natural ore / Natural stone
・The maintenance of ore is very simple, just wipe gently with a cloth dampened with water.
・The hardness of each ore is different. Avoid wearing it or collecting it to prevent it from colliding.

➤ Have any questions or needs welcome to discuss with private designer

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan / Handmade


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