【ワークショップ】[Price for four people, 4940 per person] Glamping, four meals per night, A5 Wagyu/Iberian pig

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Yeyang Manor has white luxurious large tents, the ultimate fantasy fairy tale tree house and the gassho house hidden in the Xiaonan forest! Each room type has its own bathroom, and provides exquisite meals with four meals per night. Looking at the mountain and forest scenery, tasting the exquisite top-level cuisine, the children are happily playing in the camp area, strolling in the lush forest, and enjoying a leisurely, elegant and full camping.
活動日 7 天前需付款完成
台湾 / 新竹県
新竹縣橫山鄉福興村馬福 89 號
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【ワークショップ】[Price for four people, 4940 per person] Glamping, four meals per night, A5 Wagyu/Iberian pig


**△ Please read the following "Notes" carefully before placing an order, thank you △** Yeyang Manor has white luxurious large tents, the ultimate fantasy fairy tale tree house and the gassho house hidden in the Xiaonan forest! Each room type has its own bathroom, and provides exquisite meals with four meals a day, allowing you to easily experience the beauty of nature. The Nanyang-style paddling pool and trail around the mountain in the park can let you express your energy, and the outdoor landscape seating and cinema also provide a relaxing place for you who want to relax. Tung Blossoms and Fireflies in Spring, Playing in the Water in Summer, Larix Pines in Autumn and Winter, Cherry Blossoms in the Mountains in Early Spring The exquisite afternoon tea that changes with the seasons, the luxurious buffet breakfast, dinner and supper make VIPs no longer have to worry about three meals, and they can easily enjoy the beauty of walking into the mountains and forests and blending into nature! **▎How many people can live at most?** One deluxe account**least 2 people must stay**, one account can sleep up to "4 adults" or "3 large and 1 small" or "2 large + 3 small", the lowest price per person is NT 4,940 (4 People stay in one account) ・One bill for 2 people (NT 5,900 / per person): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/jXhvPdgy ・One bill for 3 people (NT 5,260 / per person): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/pwzQ7kVq **▎Can children stay?** Children cannot be accommodated with a 4-person account! **Those who use the child rate or stay free of charge under the age of 2 will need to provide their ID for admission on the day of admission. If not, the difference will be made up on site.** **▎Activity content** Day 1 14:00-15:00 Registration time 15:00-16:00 Welcome afternoon tea 16:00-18:00 Free to empty, play in the water, roam the park 18:00-19:00 Romantic dinner 19:30-21:00 Starry Sky Cinema (depending on weather conditions) 21:00-22:00 Poolside campfire supper Day 2 07:30-09:00 Buffet American breakfast 09:00-11:00 Pack your luggage Check Out **▎ Meal content**(one for each person, adjusted according to the season) ・Afternoon tea: exquisite afternoon tea, fruits, freshly baked brownies. Handmade biscuits, coffee, tea ・Dinner: A5 Wagyu set meal or Iberico pork chop, seafood plate, buffet-style meal**Please note the meal requirements after placing the order (for example: A5 Wagyu set meal ∞)** ・Vegetarians, please inform at least 3 days in advance (Dinner staples can be served individually) ・Supper: exquisite braised flavor, fire roasted marshmallow ・Breakfast: self-service Chinese and Western breakfast **▎Activity information** ・Time: Two days and one night, admission at 14:00 on the first day and departure at 11:00 on the next day ・Venue: Yeyang Manor|No. 89, Mafu, Fuxing Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County ·Transportation: . Public transportation・Please go to Neiwan Railway Station or Hexing Railway Station and take a taxi for about 15 minutes . For driving and navigation by yourself, please search for "Yeyang Camping Club" or No. 89, Mafu, Fuxing Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County ・The camp provides: quilts, pillows, separate bathroom, shampoo, shower gel. Drinking fountains are provided in the dining area, poolside and near each area. It is recommended that you bring your own thermal water bottle to fill hot water. ・Items to bring: toiletry and laundry, toothbrushes, bath towels, pool towels, swimwear, water supplies, sunscreen, mosquito-proof, warm clothing, rain gear, mobile phone charger, warm water pot. **▎Ticket purchase notice** ・After the ticket is successfully purchased, you will receive an e-ticket notification, and no physical tickets will be sent. On the day of the event, please show your e-ticket at the check-in counter and enter the venue. ・You need to complete the payment to be considered as a successful registration. Those who have not paid will not be reserved. **▎Information about entering the kindergarten** ・The tent contains 2 double beds of 180 x 200 cm. No extra bed service is provided. **・In order to maintain the privacy of VIPs and the quality of camping, visitors, visits, and pets are not allowed.** ・In order to maintain the natural environment in the camp, no pesticides and insecticides are sprayed. VIPs who are afraid of mosquitoes are requested to bring insect repellent sprays. VIPs are also requested not to feed or approach wild animals in the camp. ・Do not take food, utensils, plates, cups in the dining area to the tent area for consumption, and do not wear shoes in the tent. ・ It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the camp, inside and outside the tent, and outside the designated smoking area. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to chew betel nuts, light fires, set fireworks, cook, gambling and barbecue in the camp. If you encounter the above circumstances, Ye Yang has the right to ask you to stop camping and leave the camp immediately without refund. ・Children are strictly forbidden to leave in the wild. Parents are requested to accompany them during the activity. Pay attention to the safety of children and keep their eyes open. If the child has any damage, the company will not be responsible for and compensate. Parents who are unwilling to accompany their children are not allowed to make reservations. ・Before the activity, in case of excessive rain, instantaneous wind gusts, rockfalls, earth-rock flows, road interruptions, road conditions, weather forecasts, equipment damage, or any event that cannot be carried out, we will notify you whether the activity will be cancelled or postponed. The camp area The final decision is reserved, and the camp area reserves no compensation for the cancellation and extension of transportation, rental car fees or any other expenses. During the activity, the camp area reserves the right to reasonably cancel any part of the activity, provide facilities, and provide any equipment. ・Unauthorized commercial filming is prohibited in the camp area. ・For VIPs who are unable to comply with the regulations, Yeyang Camping Club reserves the right to cancel reservations on the spot, and all VIPs are requested to cooperate.