Japanese mountain cherry wood hand carved chestnut plate. Cherry / picnic / wood / cake dessert / carving / handmade

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Japanese mountain cherry wood hand carved chestnut plate. Cherry / picnic / wood / cake dessert / carving / handmade


Each chestnut plate is only one, Different personality and hand carving lines, free hand-painted shape, in fact, from hundreds of chestnuts observed from, South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan's sugar fried chestnuts, each country's chestnuts have their own characteristics, Different parts of the chestnut also have different shapes! 【Mountain cherry chestnut plate characteristics of the record】 (With a hand point of the hand-carved lines, playful cusp and hand-painted wind sculpture marks) (With the depth of the beautiful arc side edge, smooth streamline beauty) (The back of the smooth and smooth touch, is through six manual sanding procedures, polished wood the most pure shiny texture) (Rounded side to leave the chisel marks, multi-faceted flashing warm and glossy words) 【Description】 Frontal smooth gradually to the chestnut cusp gathers the notch with the edge of the slightly concave arc, In the disk to show the intention of carving, round and with a hand carved pattern of the back, Reveal the producers do not miss every detail of the insistence, And then six sanding process, the sharp or rough parts, polished to smooth and meticulous. And finally to Germany auro natural hard oil for water repellent and the use of the basic conservation, Full of natural plant oil to penetrate into the wood fiber so that the wood is more shiny, Use more peace of mind and more difficult to mold, do not need to be careful to use or frequent maintenance, Because there are better than the average oil splash water resistance, cleaning is also very convenient. Japanese cherry tree file From Japan far from the ocean, is personally to the Japanese candidates for the election material cutting, bring back the good wood, Brought back to Taiwan after a year of dry waiting, stability also improved a lot, Mountain cherry wood carved up the texture is excellent, there are standards above the hardness, Making a very durable food, to describe this texture, The best to describe is engraved to shine, but it is a charming, natural distribution of luster, Warm and attract attention, touch is also very smooth, Texture than the current commonly used wood species: walnut or cherry wood, etc., Or with a dozen other commonly used in the production of wood compared to the wood, Showing the effect is unparalleled, so I am very fascinated by the mountain cherry trees, to share with you / you, will love it. 【size】 About: length 16.5x wide 15.5x thick 1.2 cm 【Painting】 Germany auro natural hard oil, linseed oil (will form a protective dry film of dry oil) base of wood preservative, wooden food maintenance apply. 【Wood Properties】 Chestnut wood plate may have a small part of the edge of the natural fine cracks or holes, we will be trimmed and confirmed not affect the use of goods shipped, and the use of wood in the long after the temperature and humidity changes due to deformation or cracks May be used for a long time as long as it is not to be drastically changed or impacted, and the service life is prolonged by regular maintenance of vegetable oil (linen oil / walnut oil / beeswax ... etc.) Wood itself after the characteristics of the line to buy. 【Order Notice】 Museum are all spot goods, if you want to order a similar pattern or style or size, please come to discuss the details of the order. The production period of the order is about 5-15 working days, and every chestnut is made by hand-painted after me. Because of the details, it will take more time to carve out the most beautiful posture. Please be patient. Hand-painted style each will be slightly different, as the true appearance of chestnut fruit different, but always can capture the chestnut control of the heart. Origin / manufacturing method Wooden handmade carving made in Taiwan


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