[tangent pie] leather handmade short mini wallet blue

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A long wallet will look a bit of a place, and a short wallet is especially important. This mini wallet continues the long style, the same buckle is used for opening and closing, and the L-shaped zipper is made on the internal coin bag, which makes up for t


[tangent pie] leather handmade short mini wallet blue


The design says: Many customers who bought a long organ wallet have suggested a mini-type organ wallet, because many women are usually casual. When shopping, they like to carry a small carrying bag (such as a classic saddle bag) and a long wallet. It will seem a bit of a position, and it is especially important to have a short wallet. This mini wallet continues the long style, the same buckle is used for opening and closing, and the L-shaped zipper is made on the internal coin bag, which makes up for the problem that the small coin bag has a bad view and the inconvenience of accessing the change. Material: Italian imported vegetable tanned cowhide (wax skin); size: (closed) length 12cm x width 10cm Features: ※All hand cut, stitching, edge banding, sanding; ※Select natural and environmentally friendly imported Italian top layer vegetable tanned skin, retaining the natural texture of leather, containing no harmful substances to the human body, and it is a green leather that can be in direct contact with the skin; ※ In the process of "cultivating the skin", the color will become deeper and more unique as time goes by and the use of the wear-in; ※Storage space ◆ 4 card slots ◆ 1 pull "L" zipper coin pocket ◆ The space on both sides of the coin pocket can store banknotes folded in half, business cards, etc. ◆ The blue zipper has been out of stock and is currently replaced by a brown zipper. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB20PyZXvOM.eBjSZFqXXculVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB24sy2XxeK.eBjSZFuXXcT4FXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB28uO4XCmK.eBjSZPfXXce2pXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB28uO4XCmK.eBjSZPfXXce2pXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB2k5q0XyKO.eBjSZPhXXXqcpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB2Q7CkXxeI.eBjSsplXXX6GFXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB22XSZXyGO.eBjSZFpXXb3tFXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB2CySlXw9J.eBjSspeXXXKWpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2Hiy0XyKO.eBjSZPhXXXqcpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB20mKiXwGI.eBjSspbXXcWoVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2m95kXr5K.eBjy0FfXXbApVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2.mVMXX5N.eBjSZFGXXX50VXa_!!723293564.jpg **~ Plus 9 yuan can order exclusive cat key head cover ~** https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB2nuEpbKcnyKJjSZFPXXXdqVXa_!!723293564.jpg Plus purchase link: https://cn.pinkoi.com/product/G62YeHDc?category=2 Sewing custom https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2FXhPau_yQeBjy0FlXXczrXXa_!!723293564.jpg In order to meet the needs of customers, we offer 11 colors of stitching in addition to white stitching. The default is pure white line. If there is a custom requirement, please indicate the color and color number of the stitching in the remark after placing the order. For example: Line 1: Aqua Blue **Stamp printing system (charged service fee and plate fee)** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/7M1llhc0?category=5 https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2K0_buXXXXXb0XXXXXXXXXXXX_!!723293564.jpg **What is vegetable tanned leather?** Vegetable tanned cowhide is the best of the first layer of cowhide. The leather is characterized by a natural and moist feel. It does not shun the state of the most primary colors, because the color will gradually deepen and be different during use. The habit of using leather, the color change effect of leather varies from person to person. This is a living bag. There is a saying in the industry called "raising cattle" or "cultivating skin". **Leather trace** The surface of the vegetable tanned hide maintains the original state of the cowhide, so the cowhide indicates that there are some lines and spots that are naturally formed during the growth of the cow. Moreover, since the whole process is purely hand-made, it is difficult to avoid some manual traces and slight errors in the cutting, edge-sealing, stitching, etc., and cannot be as precise as the machine assembly line, which belongs to the category of manual deviation. **Uneven skin color** Since the color of the whole leather has a slight change depending on the location, a bag, especially a product with more materials, will have a slightly different color in the shade, but in use. The colors will tend to be consistent, so don't worry too much. **Precautions** ☆ Vegetable tanned leather, indicating that it is not waterproof, so when cleaning, do not handle it by hand or machine wash to avoid cortical damage. ☆ If the bag accidentally encounters water during use, the color of the leather surface will be deepened. Don't worry too much. Please dry the surface with cotton cloth, and naturally dry it will be restored. Do not use high temperature, high heat appliances to dry. ☆ Avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances or place in high temperature and high heat. ☆When it is dirty, you can use the special cleaning agent for leather to clean the dirt. First wipe off the dirt and other dirt with a dry cotton cloth, then spray the cleaning agent on the cotton cloth and wipe it. After cleaning, remember to put it in a ventilated place to dry. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in China handmade


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