Moroccan handmade pink cactus fabric lambskin backpack national wind accessories

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Moroccan handmade pink cactus fabric lambskin backpack national wind accessories


Moroccan handmade pink cactus fabric lambskin backpack national wind accessories


Moroccan handmade pink cactus fabric lambskin backpack national wind accessories **Moroccan handmade leather x Morocco Sabra cactus fabric leather bag** **About | Morocco Sabra Cactus Fabric Moroccan Sabra Silk Textile** Sabra silk-like fibers are taken from cacti, and Moroccan artisans using cacti have been circulating for centuries. The rough way to make them is the following three. Take the fiber The same practice with ordinary natural fiber take the same cut cactus, soaked in water to separate filaments, and then scraping the leaves, wash clean and then slowly rub spinning spinning made of silk. Dyeing Only the natural plant dye soaked in cactus silk color, so this process of soaking the natural color dye does not damage the fiber itself. On the loom on the series Colored threads will be woven on the loom, sometimes mixed with a small amount of wool or camel hair, increasing the texture of the fabric, and adding some decorative fibers to add luster and design. The entire process down to a few months time, quite time-consuming, but at the same time is quite environmentally friendly and precious. **About | Moroccan leather Moroccan** Moroccan Moroccan; Moroccan addition to the Moroccan, in professional leather is the word refers to the__Moroccan leather__is a Moroccan specialty of the delicate and flexible animal skin of Malay. Because of its high-quality feel and saturated and meticulous eating color, since the 16th century Europeans have been made Ladies gloves, shoes, also used to make luxury book cover, wallet, luggage and other luggage. Visual is usually saturated red, blue, black, green; feel is excellent soft but tough and durable. Adhere to the cheaper modern leather tanning process, all the leather humpback brand mint tea selection of the traditional millennium tanning technology, the hands touch is not just leather, is the history of human essence. size: Length 32 cm / width 25 cm / thickness 18 cm note: - Just received leather will be harder, after use, the Moroccan leather gradually softened, the color may also be slightly darker, the surface brighter, the more pleasing to the eye. - The fresh Moroccan leather bag you just received, and possibly the "Moroccan taste," dehumidifies the taste, or just lets it go and fade with the smell. - Moroccan leather due to non-scale industrial dyeing, water friction may discolor dyed leather, be careful not to carry the rain! - No special maintenance, if you insist on the maintenance, the general use of cowhide leather maintenance cream Hello. - Because bags are by the Moroccan Uncle, aunt naked eye measurement, handmade, small size differences, leather surface treatment caused by small scratches or leather birthmarks, hand rubbing uneven color, sewing threads did not cut clean, etc., Both may find the handmade differences of these Maeilian masters with the traces of the sea school. Because of this, all bags are unique, only one !! If good friends want to buy the same two can privately us, but I can only try to find the material to do for you. Because each one looks different, this is our Moroccan romance, we can not expect everyone to understand and love, but we are passionate about you also love the hand, love unique, like Morocco. Origin / manufacturing methods Moroccan handmade


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