New offer 95 fold - slightly slow special - balance pot Balanced Kettle


  • ショップ
  • 素材
    残り 10 点
  • Material: Porcelain / Porcelain
    Glaze / glaze
    Handle Material: 304 Hairline Stainless Steel # 304
    Tea Tray Material / Tea Tray Material:
    Beech & Beech & 304 Silk Stainless Steel # 304

    Teapot Size / Pot Size: L190 x W130 x H113 mm ‧ 850ml
    Cup size / cup size: Φ 86 x H 69 mm ‧ 160ml
    Tea tray size / Tea Tray:
    Disk Trap L500 x W180 x H10 mm
    Metal stand L448x W150 x H105 mm

    Shape Design / Shape designed: 3 + 2Design Studio
    Packaging Design / All Packaging designed by Niva Hu Hu Zhining

    in life,
    We made a lot of decisions from time to time
    Place ten seconds in every size thing
    The results may also be different
    Life seems to be a playground
    Take a deep breath and breathe
    Balance the various tedious hearts
    Everyone can play in the life game with pleasure and satisfaction

    In daily life, people make many decisions. However, if we stop thinking for 10 seconds before doing something, it will be different. Life is like a game, just to relax and take a breath, to bring balance in all affairs, and everyone Can have fun in the game of life.

    め な け け ば い け な い こ と が た く さ ん あ る.
    10 seconds を poor し 込 め ば, the results が す べ て contrary っ て く る か も.
    Life は tour 々 field よ う に,
    Take a deep breath,
    さ ま ま ま ま ま に を を バ ラ ン ス す る.
    Who で も life と い う ゲ ー ム の に 楽 し く tour ん だ り, Man foot し ta り す ru.

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

    product description:
    In today's fast-paced industrial society, we try to explore the relationship between people as a starting point, hoping to design to break the gap between people, whether it is the first time to meet new friends, or long time no see Old friends, can easily open the topic, so that your relationship to achieve a perfect balance.
    This product joined the minimalist style of the West, coupled with the Oriental Zen wind aesthetics, get rid of the traditional image of the traditional pottery, the use of pure lines style, to retain the original sense of the warmth of ceramic products, and in the use of the topic, Type medium, can easily grasp the user's eyes.

    Today, people live in a fast-paced industrial society, to break down barriers and to re-explore relationship between people, we make this balanced design. No matter what it is that you meet someone new for the first time or old friends hasn ' T see for a long time, balanced kettle helps you to start a topic easily, to balance relationship. The conceived by minimalist style and zen style, and to break away from traditional image of ceramic artworks. , We create clean and simple line design, and the composite materials of kettle attract user's attention.

    Product Features
    ス ピ ー ド を attention し て い る の の の か ら "people and people の の が り" を テ ー マ で デ ザ イ ン し ta バ ラ ン ス ッ ト は, topic に な る こ と が で き, The beginning of the め て の か ら ancient い know り い ま で, who と て も 楽 に ference せ る よ う に な っ て, お い の バ ラ ン ス が finished Bi に take れ ま す.
    こ の products は, Western の ミ ミ マ マ リ ス ス ス タ イ ル and Oriental Yang Zen の aesthetics に plus え, 伝 system of the pottery の イ メ ー ジ を す す works で desu.シ ン プ ル ル リ ラ イ ン で, pottery の の temperature か い hand touch り feeling じ ら れ ru, so い square も topic に na り, different material の い も head を cited ki ma す.

    Use and precautions:
    1. Cup for the double cup, with insulation effect, drink hot drink please be careful when the mouth
    2. Handle has been completed for your device, please try not to self-loading and unloading, so as not to damage
    3. This group of products for the matte matt glaze, the use of precautions please refer to the description of matt glaze small card
    4. Welcome to call or letter of the product of the relevant advice

    Watch list during application:
    1. the cup is a double wall cup, providing built-in insulation for heat protection
    Please be carefulwhen drinking hot beverage from the cup
    2. the handle of pot is installed in advance for you, to prevent damage,
    Please do not disassemble by yourself.
    3. The product uses mat glaze with matte finish surface, please read the instruction before using.
    4. Please contact us by telephone / email for product inquiry.

    Use of the note:
    1. Double カ ッ プ な の で, heat-resistant effect が あ り ま す. Drink む と き 口 を や け し な い よ う に very 気 を つ け て さ い.
    2. ハ ン ド ル は に に に り に り に に に に に に に に に に に い
    3. こ の products は マ ッ ト glaze で す.ご use on the note は description カ ー ド を reference し て く だ さ い.
    4. ご asked the question が あ り ま し た ら, お phone メ ー ル で お 気 に お お い わ せ さ さ い.
    Origin / Manufacturing Taiwan Yingge
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New offer 95 fold - slightly slow special - balance pot Balanced Kettle

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