Cosmic Starry Lapis Lazuli / Agate / Tianhe Stone / Star Brass Accessories Natural Stone Crystal Neutral Single-Loop Bracelet Gift for Men and Women

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✦【Spiritual Symbols: Infinity, Spirituality, Peace, Health, Hope, Longevity, Happiness, Luck, Determination, Courage】✦ ✦



Cosmic Starry Lapis Lazuli / Agate / Tianhe Stone / Star Brass Accessories Natural Stone Crystal Neutral Single-Loop Bracelet Gift for Men and Women


. The beginning of the universe.
The inspiration comes from a state diagram of the universe. After the Big Bang, this scene formed a beautiful map. This state map is the microwave radiation of the background of the universe. When the universe was 370,000 years old, it was imprinted in the sky.

Image Credit: ESA and the Planck Collaboration
Planck is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and is supported by the NASA.

✦【Spiritual Symbols: Infinity, Spirituality, Peace, Health, Hope, Longevity, Happiness, Luck, Determination, Courage】✦
✦【Healing: Improves spirituality, calms state of mind, treats insomnia, soothes emotions, eliminates stress, eliminates negative energy】✦

材质 Material Material :
青 Lapis Lazuli / Agate / Milky Way / Star-Brass Accessories
❇ Single-turn bracelet
♛ Japan imported elastic line

∆ Before the work is delivered, the owner will perform a blessing ceremony and decontamination for the work in a personal way.
(such as use: tuning fork, song, song pendulum, sun and moon drying method, smoke method)

✡【Spiritual ∞ Small Hands ∞ Creative Ideas】✡
"Through hands-on cultivation, the precious treasures of the universe are presented in a concrete manner, created with sincerity, with faith, shared natural beauty, and assisted in the healing of mind and body."

Personal physical and mental qualifications:
SRT Spiritual Treatment I
NGH American Hypnotherapist
Personal Systems Ranker
Reiki Reiki Natural Therapy I
DNA Activation Therapist

[- Lapis Lazuli- Lapis Lazuli-]
Lapis lazuli can enhance spirituality, maintain a stable state of mind, and protect the body from evil spirits.
The lapis lazuli is the color of Tibetan Buddhism pharmacists. Chang Daike can bless peace and health, and is disease-free and disaster-free. It can also help hypnosis and deep meditation, enhance observation and insight, and inspire noble and fresh, gentle and elegant temperament. sentiment. Lapis lazuli stabilizes the mood and eliminates irritability caused by confusion. Children wear it to protect peace and health and promote development.

The lapis, which corresponds to the human eyebrow heart, helps treat insomnia, dizziness, headaches and lower blood pressure, relieves emotions, and strains eyesight. It also coordinates the larynx and improves the diseases of the trachea, throat and respiratory tract. It is said that lapis lazuli has helped people to recognize mental stress and rebound the energy of stress back to the original place, stimulating personal strength and spirit. In terms of communication, lapis lazuli has a role in promoting communication, improving communication and expression skills, and eliminating anger and conflict. It is a stone of friendship.
Lapis lazuli can also help people heal the traumatic effects.

【-Agate Agate-】
Since ancient times, agate has been used as an amulet and talisman, symbolizing friendly love and hope and helping to eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue, and cloudiness. Different colors of agate can eliminate stress and relieve stress, promote harmony between people.
The agate energy is soft and heavy, never stimulating. It can promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, and it can ensure safety and safety.

【-Tianhe Stone Amazonston -】
Tianhe Stone, also known as Amazon Rock, helps to get rid of negative energy.
For those who are hesitant in everything, it helps them to make up their minds and achieve their goals.
Western mystery legend, green and blue Tianhe stone, with luck, is a gem of confidence, courage, and luck

灵 Custom-made Service
We accept personal customized services.
If you have custom requirements you can contact the designer.
After communicating with the company, the designer will carefully create your exclusive jewelry for you.

✯ Free Packing :
• Storage boxes or boxes.
• Natural material storage box
• Natural hemp cloth bag
• German production wipe silver cloth

✯ Handmade handmade
Each product has its own temperament, no absolute perfection, but unique, hope every treasurer who cherishes and treats nature naturally.

净化 Cleansing Crystal
The characteristics of each mineral crystal spar are different, and jewelry containing metal components, should not use water for purification, and some should not use the sun and the moon light, the owner will advise guests to use the easiest way, such as the purchase: white crystal gravel / white crystal The family can clean it.

饰品 Jewelry Maintenance
Anything that contains gold, silver, or copper in jewelry will be easily oxidized by exposure to air, water, body salt, and chemicals.
Keep jewelry as dry as possible, avoid bathing and swimming, and store it in a storage bag or box when it is not normally worn.
If accidentally soiled or oxidized, wipe the surface with a silver cloth until smooth.

水晶 Crystal ore description Mineral and crystal description/info
There are thousands of natural creations, each with occasional batt lines and lack of ice in the mine, which means that it has not been deliberately modified to show its true appearance.

测量 Measuring hand/neck size Wrist Size
Prepare a rope or a ruler and place it around your wrist or neck for a week.
Finally, how many centimeters can be measured on the ruler.
Please provide your desired size when ordering.
In order to make the right length for you.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Handmade by Hong Kong


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