Black Boca Galaxy shining phone case

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Black Boca Galaxy shining phone case black dots GLITTER



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Black Boca Galaxy shining phone case


NEW ARRIVAL / hello, my darling.
simple and shining
2017 August summer new product

Black Boca Galaxy shining phone case black dots GLITTER

/ Has been donated / * New full gift in August: two-color brand pin.
As long as this month to buy hello, mydear new
Comes with a two-color brand pin (random shipping)
End of gift, please seize the opportunity.

Cell phone case working days for 5-7 days without holiday delivery
If the goods for delivery for 1-2 days
Work days to receive the order from the day after the start
Due to the large number of stock for reference only.
If you go abroad / urgent use / gift needs please ask the spot.
Special attention. The products are printed without bronzing!

Design Notes:
shake it! Four classic color with shiny double-layered quicksand,
Let your phone shine every day!
Provide pink gold, silver, pink white, pink green four color choices.
Material are crystal clear quicksand shiny shell
Front for the hard version (height 0.2-0.3cm) + around the soft edge of the coating
Printing for the positive printing without bronzing without three-dimensional
Surrounded by transparent and completely covered mobile phone background is colorless and transparent
Bright pink color: silver

iphone series thickness of 0.3cm 7/7 + lens hole are all higher processing
Good texture protection more than enough to bring the phone.

GLITTER quicksand shiny shell introduction

Shiny sand shell containing liquid: white mineral oil (petroleum)
Referred to as white oil, usually refers to white mineral oil. It is a special deep refined safety mineral oil.
White oil colorless, odorless, chemically inert, light stability and good performance. Has good oxidation stability,
Chemical stability, light stability, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive fiber textile.
Used in food grade, medical grade, cosmetics related industries.

The phone case built for the safety of white mineral oil non-solvent type, for general safety oil please rest assured use.
The upper transparent surface thickness protection, the use of it is safe.
If the phone shell accidentally fell to cause cracks or leaks, please immediately remove the phone case to disable.
Because there is a quicksand sequins with liquid inside the sequins move up and down small bubbles for normal physical condition Oh
Do not worry, please be assured that you should disappear for a while

RICHÉ mobile phone shell class classroom Hello ★
how to choose How to choose soft and hard shell!

❶ bare machine + protective stickers
Bare metal + non-full glass paste ▶ Recommended matte. Bright hard shell / matte soft shell / transparent soft shell / quicksand shining shell
Bare metal + full version of the glass paste ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / transparent soft shell / quicksand shiny shell
Bare metal + thick glass paste ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / transparent soft shell
Bare metal + back sticking or anything else to thicken your phone ▶ Not applicable
Pure bare machine ▶ recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / matte soft shell / quicksand shining shell

❷ whole machine envelope + protective stickers
Full film + non-full version of glass paste ▶ Recommended matte soft shell / quicksand shining shell
Full film + full glass paste ▶ Not applicable
The whole machine coated thick glass paste ▶ not applicable
Full machine envelope + back sticking or any thickening of mobile phones ▶ Not applicable
Pure machine wrapping ▶ Recommended matte soft shell / quicksand shining shell

The above is available on the market for the use of full-machine envelope and we recommend the selection
The phone shell on the market itself is generally based on "bare metal size" to make
So if the phone itself increases too much to make the phone thicker resulting in size changes
It is difficult to pick their favorite phone shell!

I still want to buy soft shell / simple measurement method:
There are hundreds of protective tape on the market
Proposed to buy matte soft shell everyone
You can measure how far your glass sticker is from the phone's edge
If there is 0.2 ~ 0.3cm above the distance can use matte soft shell
Due to matte soft envelope surrounded by a width of 0.2-0.3cm
If the distance is less than 0.2 ~ 0.3cm distance
It will form a cell phone shell will touch the glass paste
The resulting phone shell can not cover the phone and can not be loaded up the situation Oh!

[Girls common Q & A]
Do you / do you also have the following problems?
Hope can help you / you!

Q: I really want to buy RICHÉ phone shell, but what kinds?
A: Pattern All-inclusive foggy hard shell / glossy hard shell / matte soft shell.
Transparent transparent crystal soft shell.

Q: What is the difference between hard shell and soft shell?
A: The hard shell is coated right and left, and the material is harder
Soft shell is wrapped up and down around the front edge of the package, the material coated

Q: What is the difference between matte and glossy surface?
A: matte texture smooth foggy sense of color uniform
Bright glossy texture with a bright sense of color bright

Q: What is the meaning of all-inclusive design?
A: Front and left and right side of the pattern are 100% complete coverage

Q: Then I have a cell phone envelope, suitable for some?
A: cell phone with envelope recommended soft shell style not applicable hard shell.

Q: I want to be surrounded by mobile phones are afraid to fall, there are suggestions?
A: It is recommended to buy matte soft shell / crystal soft shell

Q: Which phone case is more dirt-resistant?
A: Comparison of matte and glossy surface Dirty: Glossy> Matte surface
Compare darkness with dark and light patterns: Dark> Light

* Overseas purchased goods due to expensive postage not refundable please note
* oversea's order have no return.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan / Made in Taiwan


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