[Antique Jewelry / Western Old Piece] AVON Whisper Silver Elegant Bracelet

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[Antique Jewelry / Western Old Piece] AVON Whisper Silver Elegant Bracelet


◈Commodity description◈ From AVON, silver curve shape, simple and elegant, inlaid with mini rhinestones. It's called Whisper, 1986, and it's included in "Identifying Avon Jewelry" page P.134. We subjectively believe that the condition of the old parts is 40% new, and the condition is like the photo. This one is relatively old, so it is cheap to sell, without breakage or large scratches, and the surface is worn out and the paint is worn. Perfectionism, please do not place orders ~ ◈Commodity information◈ Brand: AVON Year: 1986 Imprint: AVON ◈Product size / material◈ Overall dimensions: 18 cm long, detachable extension chain 3.5 cm, width 0.8 cm Material: alloy, rhinestone Sunday antique camera / accessories: Studio Address-Reservation System, No. 3-3, Lane 56, Gongming Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City Usually not open, please make an appointment with private message ~ ◈About packaging◈ Mainly based on simple environmental protection packaging, if you want to wrap it as a gift or carton, please note when ordering! ◈Maintenance of old jewelry◈ 1. Please place the jewelry in a dark and dry place, do not directly touch the sun to prevent fading and deterioration. 2. Please do not put all the jewelry in the same box, it will rub against each other and cause damage. 3. Please take off the jewelry when engaging in strenuous exercise to avoid dropping, deforming or damaging. 4. Do not wear jewelry for bathing, hot spring bathing and swimming, it will shorten the life of the jewelry. 5. If you don't wear it in a short time, please dry it and store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air. ◈Notice for Buyers of Old Jewelry◈ ■ The so-called old accessories are all old objects that are more than 10 years old. If you find traces of the use of the jewelry, or it will be normal to remove paint and wear, because the old jewelry will be full of age! ■ Please do not treat old items with the standard of buying new products. If you mind the traces of use or other people have used them, please buy new products ■ Those with a marked era are the popular jewelry styles of that era, or roughly the production years. Those without a standard indicate that they cannot be distinguished, or second-hand jewelry of a later age, please purchase at your own discretion ~ ■ The boss ’s photo-taking technique is too good, and taking a little more serious shot will be too beautiful, so if you are worried that the actual product will be inaccurate with the photo, you can send a private message. The true face of the product. ■ The boss is very agitated, so I will try to write all the current status of the product clearly in the store. Special traces or damage will also be written together. Please read carefully before buying and review the product photos, but it is inevitable that there is something wrong with your busy schedule If you have any special concerns, you are welcome to use private messages to inquire about the parts that the boss did not mention. The boss will patiently answer the status of your products one by one. ■ If there is an absolute difference between the received product and the original product photo (such as the product is broken or dropped), a refund can be submitted; if the product is received, it is related to the "imagined appearance", color difference, and damage caused by the shipping process. If there is a problem, the fee cannot be refunded.


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