Love Mommy Light Maintenance Gift Box Set (Filter Hanging Bag + Triangle Tea Bag Double Enjoying Set)

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【how is this possible? Liang Shanshuipo’s light-care tea makes it easy for his mother to become a sister? 】 I want to send Mommy this Mother’s Day: Have a big meal? Care products? Chicken essence? Carnation Unexpected mother to change her face: will become fat, too expensive, not practical? Mother's Day Premium Flower Valley Tea Gift Box: ❖ Local in Tai


50g x 1


Love Mommy Light Maintenance Gift Box Set (Filter Hanging Bag + Triangle Tea Bag Double Enjoying Set)


**[How is it possible? Liang Shanshuipo’s light-care tea makes it easy for his mother to become a sister? 】**** **Pinkoi Premium Flower Valley Tea Gift Box:** **❖ Local in Taiwan, natural no additives, flower valley tea ❖** **Premium Drinking Tea|Extreme Drinking Flower|Healthy Drinking Valley** Regardless of tea tasting or daily life, cups of tea soup have become the carrier of oriental culture. For conditioning and maintenance, many women ingeniously add flowers to tea, Looking for time and self-balance is to add a touch of elegance and preference to life. Time flows, and the grains that have the ability to remove moisture and nourish the body return to the gradually westernized life. Tea masters and young farmers tried to add slow-fire roasted organic black beans and black rice to the tea. I hope that new names that are closer to local culture can be written in the list of daily drinks. **Taiwan Flower Valley Tea Series|Filter bag design** **[Liangshan Shuibo Hangju, Jujube and Japanese Tea Filter Hanging Carrying Bag 6 Packs]** ☆ The fragrance of Hangju and the heart-warming red dates alleviate the tiredness of the eyes and get full of vitality! ☆ Replenish the vitality needed for tired body and eyes ☆ The best light maintenance flower tea-wolfberry and red date tea, suitable for you who are addicted to mobile phones and who always look poor ☆ Carefully selected the only Miaoli production and sales resume in Taiwan, Hang Ju, with the nourishing properties of Taiwan's organic red dates as raw materials. ☆ Hangju is good for eyes. Red jujube is known as three jujubes in one day, and its appearance is not old. It is the sacred product of women's warm palace. The two stimulates unique health benefits, and the reconciliation can give the eyes and body and mind proper tonic Red dates tea at the beginning of the day. **[Liang Shan Shui Po Lime Fruit Fiber Tea Triangle Pouch 10 Packs]** ☆ Exclusive technology development, as long as 36 seconds, cold or hot soaking is suitable, easy to taste the unique elegant tea fragrance and sweet texture of lime tea ☆ Natural catechins can promote metabolism by 17%. It is an environmentally friendly helper in the natural body. It is the first choice for girls who pay attention to body curves. It is a must-have tea for air-conditioned rooms in summer and makes health a habit. ☆ Each triangle tea bag (PLA corn plant packaging material imported from the Netherlands) is 2.5g in length. It is suitable for hot and cold brewing. You can chill your hot ☆ Each tea bag is individually packaged for safe storage without losing the aroma ☆ No sugar, no additives, low caffeine, easy to drink for children, elders, and people with sensitive physique. 0 worries **[Liangshan Shuibo Black Bean Oolong Yangyan Tea Filter Hanging Pouch 6 Packs]** ☆ Yangcai deep roasted black beans collide back to Ganshan Oolong ☆ Energy tea that burns with luscious body fluid and has a rational metabolism ☆ Drink the energy of light and beautiful body in one stroke ☆ The best light maintenance scented tea-Black Bean Oolong Yangyan Tea, suitable for you and me who love to eat greasy and are always in low spirits!


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