Kitty big head Meng Meng real version of the customized key ring long hair cat area this paragraph to ship in April

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Customized wool felt cat big head pin key ring for your cat This model is currently shipping in April喔


Kitty big head Meng Meng real version of the customized key ring long hair cat area this paragraph to ship in April


"Healing System Little Demi Series" * The healing system is the third creation of my family. This series is a series that the little sloth itself looks forward to and has been preparing for a long time. Because the little sloth itself is actually a super cat slave, I am afraid that I can’t make the cat cute. The appearance was presented to everyone with wool felt, so it was extended until the third series. The family raised three cats. After the little hamster went to heaven, the younger brother adopted the first cat Kobe, and his companion made the little sloth to the hamster. Their departure is more relaxed, and the family is always full of laughter. If you want to bring back the little hamster with wool felt is the origin of the creation of the little sloth, then Kobe is an opportunity for the small sloth to touch the wool felt, because It’s a pity that I watched him combing down the endless cat hair. I thought it would be a pity to lose it. I wanted to do something to remember, so I changed my idea of replacing wool felt into cat felt and started to poke my first less successful. Cat's paw, but unfortunately the cat hair can't be felted, but it started my wool felt road. After that, the sisters have already picked up two cats, so this series will have three main deaf: Kobe (boys) Mixed with Folding ears), burger (boy black brown tabby mex) and tomato (girl white mixed orange black tabby mex) ~ ~ hope that cat slaves are not cat slaves / you will like Kobe's big head key ring Series models!! Because the hamburger is full of tabby, it takes a lot of effort from the small sloth when it is made. The mixed gradation of the coat color is the biggest feature, and it is very difficult to present, but for the little sloth's favorite tabby cat, the little sloth I finished the burger with great care, and I hope that the minions who have the tabby in the house will like 喔~٩(๑^o^๑)۶ *Product specifications* Material: New Zealand wool / bronze key ring / imported glass eye / small bell Size: High heel width is about 5~6 cm, thickness is about 2~3 cm Ps This is a imaginary version of the designer's personal cute style. It features cute and big eyes and a more stereoscopic face. Each face size will change with different cats. On the front side of the main simulation, in order to facilitate the use of the pin on the back is more flat, if the master can provide more angles of detailed photos of the small sloth can do more details! 😊 *Intimate* Because it is a wool felt dry felt, it will be a little hairy after a long time because the friction surface is available. Small scissors will trim the surface of the fine hair! If you accidentally get the water, just use the toilet paper to press the dry water! Every little demi is handmade, so there must be a small difference that cannot be exactly the same. But the same thing is that every little demi has poured my full love and enthusiasm! I like animals very much, I hope that more people like animals and animals will be protected by wool felt works. If you have any questions about the work, please feel free to contact me in advance and hope to make everyone's satisfaction as much as possible. Finished products, works will be updated one after another, I hope everyone can like it ~ :) Origin / manufacturing methods Origin: handmade Taiwanese production Origin / manufacturing methods Pure hand Weng Taiwan production


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