Wooden earrings jewelry storage group whole wheat ration modeling home travel with a set

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This biscuit is a wooden earring jewelry storage group, a total of two, each one big and one small. Big biscuits provide



Wooden earrings jewelry storage group whole wheat ration modeling home travel with a set


This biscuit is a wooden earring jewelry storage group, a total of two, each one big and one small.
Big biscuits provide space and order for earring lovers to place and receive ear studs, so that small stud earrings are no longer wandering. Cookies are suitable for earrings when traveling out. With the help of small cookies, you can quickly find pairs of earrings. Let the hands and feet in front of the trip be replaced by grace and grace.

Each piece of biscuit earrings is then hand-polished with a 220-grit fine sandpaper and coated with a selection of special furniture protection oil. This furniture protection oil was chosen by the creators after trying to compare products from many different brands. It retains the original color texture of the material and enhances the waterproof and dirt resistance of the biscuit earring holder. To clean the biscuit earring holder, you only need to wipe the dust off with a dry cloth. If you accidentally touch water or other liquids, and then wipe off the liquid, the surface will not leave marks.

**The encounter between the creator and the material**
The making of cracker earrings is Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The production method is that after the wood fiber is mixed with the resin and the adhesive, it is pressed by high temperature and high pressure. The density of MDF falls between 0.35 and 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter, which is similar to the density of ordinary wood. MDF is mostly made of solid wood shreds and fibers, which indirectly reduces the consumption of natural forest resources. It can be regarded as a kind of environmental protection material at a certain level. The first time I saw MDF was the creator's woodworking classroom at the school when I was studying in Finland. There are many types of logs in the woodworking classroom to choose from, but the author is in love with the light brown and smooth surface of MDF's bake-like cookies. Using the original 3 mm thickness of this material, the author turned it into a prop that incorporates earrings and adds humor to life. hope you will like it.

In order to create this product, the author had one more job while shopping in the supermarket - observing the shape of the biscuit on the shelf. After collecting a number of cookies, the creators have drawn from their own perspective the five cookies that you may have eaten - classic flavors, honey cubes, whole wheat rations, cloud pillows and flowers.








**Biscuit earrings**
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), furniture protection oil

**Cookies earring frame size**
Flower Flower
Large diameter 9.3 cm │ small diameter 6.6 cm

Honey Square Square
Large width 10.5 cm, length 6.3 cm │ small width 6.3 cm long 4.9 cm

Classic Original Classic Original
Large diameter 8.8cm │ Small diameter 6cm

Cloud Pillow Pillow
Large width 10.3 cm long 9.1 cm │ Small width 6.5 cm long 5.8 cm

Whole wheat rations Vollkorn
Large width 10.5 cm, length 6.3 cm │ small width 6.3 cm long 4.9 cm

**Pre-ordering precautions**
This is a group (a total of two biscuits, one large and one small, the same style)
Does not include shooting props and earrings.

Please note that there is a slight difference in the color of each batch of wood, not necessarily the color in a 100% photo. Also, the product image may be chromatically different depending on the color of each computer. Please be sure to confirm and then purchase.
The taxes that may be generated by international shipping are borne by the buyer.

**Maintenance method**
Please keep the product in a dry place. It is advisable to place it in the room, such as a room, and avoid damper and water-rich places such as bathrooms. Please wipe with a dry cloth. As long as you treat the biscuit earrings well, they will stay with you for a long time!

**Goods will be sent from Germany by registered mail. After the goods are sent out, the buyer will receive a private message with the tracking number, so that you can check the progress of the package delivery at any time!**
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwanese design │ Origin Germany


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