Adjustable height. Fashion Cane <Orange Scottish Check-Slim>

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★ This product [not applicable] Super Merchant Pickup ★ 、 British celebrities are passionate about brands, The best tools for daily assistance, The height can be adjusted according to the height (the stick height is about 77-100 cm, the height is about 148 ~ 194cm), Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection-Commodity Verification Registration Number: R3A


Adjustable height. Fashion Cane &lt;Orange Scottish Check-Slim&gt;


__**★ This product [not applicable] Super Merchant Pickup ★**__ * British celebrities are passionate about brands * The best tool for daily assistance * The height can be adjusted according to the height (the stick height is about 77-100 cm, the height is about 148 ~ 194cm) * Comply with [Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau-Commodity Verification Registration Number: R3A816] __**Beautiful design vs practical function**__ From the British design cane brand-ClassicCanes, to assist those who need to support balance in action, they can also find utility and function from elegance. Let the general negative impression and repulsion of the cane be solved at once, and instead, it will become the focus of praise and a beautiful scenery by passers-by.,q_100/ __**Adjustable height vs optimal support / balance**__ British Classic Canes cane can also be adjusted according to personal preferences / habits / height for height use. According to the physiotherapist's instructions, the cane is too long, which is not conducive to the user's hand to exert force, and therefore it cannot exert sufficient support and balance functions. Conversely, a cane that is too short will cause the user's body to lean to one side, making it impossible to stand upright and useless. With the cane that can be adjusted freely, the above problems can indeed be reduced.,q_100/ __**Materials need to be firm vs anti-slip pads**__ The British Classic Canes cane is made of aluminum alloy, which not only makes the cane more lightweight but also more stable without shaking. Moreover, there is a slip-resistant rubber pad at the bottom of the cane, which makes the user more stable and at ease. If it is worn out, there are also consumables available for purchase and replacement, so that the cane can accompany you for a longer time.,q_100/ __**Cane Needs vs Age Groups**__ The cane is not a patent for the elderly. Regardless of age in life, there may be physical injuries caused by sports or accidents in external forces; internal factors may also be common in many diseases, and the age of the disease will decrease year by year. Young people will also be one of the groups that need canes. __E.g:__ 1. People with poor balance, such as patients after stroke 2. Patients with sprained feet and degenerative arthritis (knee, hip joint) 3. Those with lower back pain 4. Persons with reduced mobility due to any factors Before ordering, it is recommended to take the measuring ruler and refer to the following diagram to protrude the joint from the ground plane to the sideways. The measurement height falls within the range of adjustable height. __**Adjustable height range: 77-100 (cm) (height about 148 ~ 194cm)**__,q_100/ __**Notes**__ 1. Classic Canes are only auxiliary tools, not medical supplies 2. The information provided above is for general recommendations only. For those with special conditions, please follow the special medical advice of the physician / physiotherapist 3. The rubber head at the bottom of the cane is a consumable accessory, it is recommended to replace it according to the individual usage 4. When storing, please use it carefully to avoid the injury of the hands 5. Due to the slight color difference displayed on the computer screen, the product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual supply of goods __**Commodity Information**__ Origin: Taiwan Material: Handle: Plastic cane Column: Aluminum alloy Bottom: Rubber Size: adjustable height range 77-100 (cm) Weight: 290 ± 50g [Login Number for Commodity Verification of the Bureau of Standards and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs: R3A816],q_100/


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