Limited to the bag - paper tape stickers postcards stationery manual group

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Limited to the bag - paper tape stickers postcards stationery manual group


Stationery handbook group gift bag came!

have inside:
Garden x deer paper tape, blue purple sun sticker bag, chrysanthemum with camellia postcard

When the gift or their collection seems to be good> _ <
(Original price HKD112 / TWD460)


Limited handbook group pack ♫


Making a small workshop ♫

One day and crush the object of barbecue, a rise to the sky are good romantic, so think of painting these beautiful stars.
Find a real picture began to hands-on painting.
Venus's day is equal to 320 days of the earth
Can give you time to zz Z
The largest planet - Jupiter.
Neptune is named after Neptunus in Roman mythology, because Neptune is Poseidon, so the Chinese is translated into Neptune.
Draw a Roman mythology series is my new target !! ♪
See Chang and rabbit?

The final need to use the camera shadow> computer production (to the back, color)> to the manufacturer printed> received after the finished product packaging sent
PS too love star series, so do the wallpaper ♡ ♡
(From time to time open wallpaper ~)


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1. Since we have sent it from Hong Kong and did not sign it with the convenience store, please provide the address of the residence or dormitory.

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- Taiwan: 5-7 days (excluding Saturdays, holidays)
- Other countries: first available.

4. If the goods are to be sent by the Hongkong Post, if you wish to use other companies, please contact us first.

Thank you too

An Ying four types of romanticists
Like mountains, watching fiction, listening to pure music, and of course painting
I want to do my favorite job, not for the money and worry, holding the enthusiasm, happy to do what I want to do.
If I can stick to the end, I feel that they are the most interested people.!!2391726263.jpg
Angel Kathrina Pisces ♫
Daydreaming master!
Still in reading, business administration. But a bit stupid, so read a bit hard: p
Like to play mobile games !! ♪ ♫ ♪
Super-want to keep the cat and dog !!! (But my mother is not allowed to Ming)
Favorite Persian cat and Alaskan dog
One called almond tea, one called sesame paste ~
My eyes are going to travel and look forward to the world around the day. Do not look flat girls.
♡ ♡
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade


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