Happiness Happiness 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Flower Bracelet

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Happiness Happiness 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Flower Bracelet


【**Products & Story**】 Cosmos flowers: noble, love, freedom, hearty. forever happy Cosmos flowers are generally red, yellow, pink, white and complex, colorful, regarded by the Tibetan as a symbol of love and auspicious holy flowers, Tibetan people call it Gesang, is happy in Tibetan The meaning, so called happiness flower. Tibetans have a beautiful legend, no matter who, as long as the eight found Gesang Hua, to find happiness. Those who are blessed by this kind of flower are sensible; curiosity with a strong knowledge can be studied tirelessly throughout life, so successful. In addition, since ancient times, Christianity has the habit of linking saints with specific flowers. This is due to the dotted altar of flowers often blossomed by the church in commemorating the saints! In the medieval Catholic monastery, it is more like a horticultural center with a variety of flowers planted over time, the church will be 366 days of saints, respectively, and different flowers and together to form the so-called flower calendar. At that time most of the monasteries are located in southern Europe, and southern Mediterranean climate, very suitable for planting flowers. Cosmos belongs to the Cosmos, is chosen to dedicate to the 8th century Oxford, Dean of the Nunnery - St.FelisidisWeid. He is widely known for his considerable contributions to Oxford and Oxford. He made great contributions to the development of Oxford and Oxford in this area. It is arguably the patron saint of learning. Therefore, its florid is - academic, or - always happy. The Cosmos native to Mexico, Columbus found in the New World, Europe's ladies and gentlemen, have seen this lovely flower. It is said that young girls in Europe often attach a cosmos to love letters. A flower, how much love is loaded with young girls heart, poor astringent with expectations, joy insecurity, and countless "he does not love me love," the question mark. Therefore, the cosmos flowers are: innocent girl. Garnet 1. The effectiveness of beauty helps to improve the blood problems, promote loop, increase vitality, and then play a beauty beauty effect. 2. Enhance reproductive capacity helps to improve reproductive system function, and enhance the body's ability to regenerate, can speed up wound healing. 3. To help restore physical strength For those who often stay up late, overtime and day and night fatigue, able to actively restore physical strength. 4. Can enhance people's own vitality, charm and affinity, but also to improve women's gynecological diseases. 5. As a stone body wear, allowing women to have irresistible charm, attracting happiness and eternal love. Can also help women to increase self-confidence, fight depression, brave face the traumatic memories of the past. 【**Specification Size**】 Fit hand around ►15cm (can be customized according to your needs!) ❖ ┅ ┅ To allow you to receive a more perfect baby, please be sure to inform you after the order! Thank you! ┅ ┅ ❖ https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4519/38103249712_136b433a74_o.jpg [**Material Material**] Garnet selected, high texture 925 silver, Japan imported silk elastic line 【**Use and maintenance methods Preservation**】 ► The products of this workshop are all of the most handmade, have the most trusted quality, but do not improperly use the way (such as strong pull). ► When not in use, wipe the metal part with a soft cloth and put it in the storage box or folder bag to avoid exposure to air. ► If the style is designed in sterling silver, you can wipe it with a silver cloth or wipe it with a soft cloth and wipe with a flour. The same effect can be achieved. All goods purchased by the workshop are exempt from the minimum maintenance of the goods (the free shipping is required by the customer.) Please do not hesitate to accept the goods. 【**Glim Gems Exclusive Service Glim Gems only**】 Where to buy any of the goods of the workshop, all enjoy the exclusive service of Glim Gems - "My Guardian Crystal". When you order, please inform the name of the person to be found with the Lunar New Year (such as 75 years tiger), will be able to reveal what you crystal best for you, the best to help you safe and healthy, everything is more effective, everything goes! 【**Brand Introduction About Glim Gems**】 "Genuinely natural and beautiful" Nature and beauty of the true meaning of only Glim Gems Listen to the grievances of the gems? "We have the history of lead, but not the value of" old " "Glim Gems" whichever means "natural glowing gems". Glim Gems believes that everything in nature is unique, even if it is carved for the appearance of the same, the essence is still different natural semi-precious stones. Wash the traditional image of the precious stones of precious stones, with the ultimate hand to show the art, such as wings and creative ideas, compromise in the natural attitude of giving, so that natural mineral gems give you - unique color and style. In the "Glim Gems" to find the most sincere pure self! Origin / manufacturing method Place of Origin Made in Taiwan Pure Handmade & Limited Supply Pure Handmade & Limited Supply


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