Blue half carved Oxford leather shoes Goodyear stitching handmade

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**This system** The winter of 2015 was established in Shanghai Use the advantages of own shoe workshop Eliminate all mid



Blue half carved Oxford leather shoes Goodyear stitching handmade


**[9th shoe last]**
Characterized by graceful lines, the shoe last is designed for Asians.
Materials and processes: 4-5 months of calf (Soft calf), calfskin color inside, this system using Goodyear along the shoe-making process / Goodyear Welted

**[Blue Brocade oxford]**
And the whole carved Duo Duo the same place, to take on the toe it was Tuo linear shape, Phi leather above the same carved with foreign ornaments, carved with John Lobb originally designed by the crop in 1973, the wood is to the customer embankment For a more simple, the burden is the same with the whole Bullock-style carved fun.

**Today's leather shoes on the foot video**
**This system**
The winter of 2015 was established in Shanghai
Use the advantages of own shoe workshop
Eliminate all middlemen and retailers
Directly to the end customers Goodyear handmade leather shoes high quality price
However, in order to ensure cost-effective products, do not inventory
Every pair of shoes is made today
Low yields allow us to focus more on high quality

**[Goodyear handmade shoes]**
Q: piano bottom line Goodyear solid line with the line of solid What is the difference?
A: Two o'clock, more beautiful, the foot has a strong sense of arch support and parcel feeling
Bottom of the design is from to hide the waist along the strip, so when the shoe will be sewn half a centimeter along the strip, so that the curve of the shoe body more clearly, as a woman's body bumpy, looking more elegant. Well, because of thin shoes, after the foot can obviously feel the triangle arch keel at the support of walking, wearing a more comfortable. This is also the obvious experience.

Q: Is it really Fiddle-back waist? Or fake imitation?
A: It is true Fiddle-back waist, the yellow line below is hand-sewn, along the line is to seam, not a fake imitation.

With the general market of adhesive shoes What is the difference?
Two points, comfortable to wear and durable
Why compared to be more comfortable?
Because the cavity formed between the shoe midsole and the outsole is covered with a layer of cork,
Long-term memory can remember the shape of the foot, at the same time with moisture wicking effect.
(Yellow coverage area is cork layer)

In the vamp along the upper and Slotted Department, Goodyear can see the suture process, each pair of this system handmade leather
Shoes stitches at least 130 needles, two stitches more solid, to avoid the end of the plastic (open laugh) embarrassment,
Relative to the adhesive shoes can wear longer.

**Really open! How to make a pair of handmade leather shoes?**

**[Shoe last]**
Is made of wood or plastic shoes model
Like the car's shell
Directly determines the appearance and wear shoes effect
From the shoe manufacturing process to explain
Is the master through the leather cover, pull help to restore the shoe last mold shape

Currently this system has 4 models last
**9Last pointed shoes**- Elegant lines, suitable for young men to create a sense of fashion
**60Last round head shoes**- rounded and steady, suitable for biased in the low-key and unassuming men
**6Last round shoes**- and slender and rounded, suitable for people who want to experience different crafts
**7Last Carrefour Shoe Last**- no sense of comfort foot comfort, suitable for wearing on weekends or leisure time

**[About the sole]**
**Full Leather sole**- Uniform soles for all shoes (no charge)
**add iron shoe soles**- protect the toe along the (additional charge)
**plus forefoot soles**- non-slip wear (additional charge)
**bottom of the piano add iron**- (no charge)
__**(Note: Please add to your own shopping cart, iron and forefoot can not add purchase)**__

**[How to measure]**
In order to allow you to rest assured that choice
We shot a video of the measurement instruction
**One minute to obtain the measurement data**

**-special reminder-**
__**is to draw a rectangle, not the shape of the foot**__
__**drawing lines, pay attention to the ruler must be parallel and perpendicular to the ground**__
__**Painted feet need to be careful when the length of feet to determine the size of the range**__

I learned that after the foot length and foot width information
Control data sheet to determine your size in this system
First look at the long legs, long legs determine the shoe size
After looking at the shoe width, when the measured foot width data is not within the range of shoe width listed in the table above
If small, choose a small shoe size
If big, choose a big shoe size

- Example -
Foot length: 261mm / foot width: 104mm
Check the table to find out the shoe size 41 #
Foot width ≥98 and ≤103 Choose 41 #
Foot width <98 Choose 40 #
Foot width> 103 Select 42 #
Feet width 104 from 41 # re-election 42 #
__**Note: If the length and width of the two feet is not the same, the data should be subject to the foot of the larger**__

-content include-
This shoebox / red ribbon / regular invoice / instructions

**[Purchase Notes]**
1. The goods are standard size and with the corresponding size table for your reference.
2. This system does not do inventory, each pair of shoes are produced on the day need a certain production cycle.
3. This system began to confirm the production, production will be based on your order needs production; it can not make any changes and cancel the order.
4. Shopping process, if you have any questions; you can contact the designer (service time: 9: 00-22: 00)

**Consumers sign for the goods within 7 days, the following conditions are free to return and return shipping costs borne by the business:**
1. Received physical description does not match with the goods; such as size, model, promotion and other orders do not match.
2. Received physical damage, lack of goods and accessories and so on.
3. Laws provided by the functional failure or the existence of defects in the quality of goods such as quality problems.
4. This system to confirm the quality of the return problem, you can use the cash on delivery, without any advance freight.
5. If you want to customize another 8 colors, please leave a message or contact designer. (Price unchanged)
6. The price does not include wooden shoe support

If you have any product size and purchase related issues, you can click on the contact page of each product designer, ask questions, customer service will be in working hours as soon as possible to respond to your question, thank you.

**Ten handmade shoes on the issue of this system handmade shoes**

**Ten handmade shoes on the issue of this system handmade shoes**

**[All shoes display]**

**[All leather color display]**

Origin of hand-made in Shanghai

Bottom light video:


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