[Limited] belongs to you (u) gift box--handmade--hand made--wooden box--storage box - Board gluing

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[Limited] belongs to you (u) gift box--handmade--hand made--wooden box--storage box - Board gluing


Art comes from life But it is different from life Tired of watching a general storage box or gift box Who want a unique shape of the box That's right election This design was inspired by a lot of material to be discarded We attach great importance to material Even if it is only a small If only fragments We believe that the value of all there must be available So we will keep They find the place for reusable This gift box that comes Cut into small pieces because the rest of the material is difficult to use Factory to be discarded We use a purely manual stitching together slowly It becomes a unique case Design three-dimensional bow More different from other wooden The concept of waste recycling Want a nice ring to it can be taken away La ● Production: handmade stitching and color ● Dimensions: length and width are about 20cm high 25cm ● Color: The color can be freely selected sections of the belt, the next one after the message to us the color you want (Basic colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink) If you need special color may further discussion ● Material: Wood ● Note: 1. This is the production of wood products, do not contact with sharp objects, so as not to scratch the surface. 2. While the wood, but still be careful to drop collision and strong. 3. Surface paint handling has been protected, waterproof effect, but still can not be immersed in water. 4. Each items are all handmade, the size will be slight errors. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ The origin of "Heart Creative Arts thirteen life" in Ordinary life there are always extraordinary things happen Everyone has their own unique sense of things "Thirteen" for us is a special digital So we took the mood created the "Heart Art thirteen." Let's create our own meaning with sincerity Arts and hands We want to create their unique everyone Design --- unique hand-made gift ‧ temperatures Starting point of our design from "gift" Has been Like their own hands as a gift for family and friends When you see people who received a gift filled with happy look Total mouth unconsciously rose So we set up a studio "Heart Art thirteen Creative Living" We want to design and produce Unique significance of small things Our main material is the use of wood and pottery These two features are the material gives a warm feeling We like to keep the texture of hand-made In addition to the performance characteristics of the original material Also retain hand temperature Art is hope can integrate into life So that art is not only ornamental effect Can also have practical value Found among the extraordinary from the ordinary -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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