【ワークショップ】Ruiyan Tribe | Concert hand-made harmonica to explore the secrets | Sky City | Nantou

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After the September 21st Earthquake, the Ruiyan tribe, due to the government's village relocation plan, most of the Atayal people moved to the new tribe at the bottom of the mountain, and the old tribe on the top of the mountain was uninhabited and fell into disrepair. In 2017, a group of Atayal youths with their own unique skills decided to rediscover t
2021/4/03 (土)
活動日 7 天前需付款完成
台湾 / 南投県
南投縣 瑞岩部落
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【ワークショップ】Ruiyan Tribe | Concert hand-made harmonica to explore the secrets | Sky City | Nantou


**Ruiyan Tribe・Sky City** The Ruiyan tribe, hidden in the deep mountains of Renai, Nantou, is quiet and independent. The road leading to the tribe is winding and rugged. Young people from the tribe have migrated to other places to pursue a more convenient life, because the road home is so far, So difficult. "For such a beautiful tribe, why can't you wait for a young man to come home?" Because of his father's words, the tribal youth Valis gave up the prosperous life in the city, and returned to the distant hometown alone, hoping to rely on himself a little The change in this point has made more young people willing to return to their hometown to take root... **【Two suns, one moon】** **Day 1** **・Arrive at Ruiyan Old Tribe in Luming Valley** Enjoy lunch-traditional Atayal hunter meal package. **・Walk through the old tribe about the beginning of Atayal culture** Follow in the footsteps of the tribal youth Valis, wandering among the old tribes, and feel the excitement and grace of the old tribe from the stories he said. ★Listen to the story while walking, stop and go for about an hour. It is recommended to wear comfortable and easy walking shoes! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50296408832_94dcca0a9b_b.jpg **・Hands make a touch-Atayal harmonica** Making a harmonica is never a simple task. We don’t do anything perfunctory or a playful experience. Instead, we start with blank bamboo and make it slowly every moment, a mouth that can be played. Harp. ★The production of harmonica requires at least 3 hours of concentration and patience. After repeated adjustments and corrections, you can calm down to make a work that touches you. Please be careful not to hurt yourself when using a knife! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50281077373_d31227eba8_b.jpg **・Tribal kitchen local cuisine** Have dinner! Let Atayal wife Abs' good craftsmanship satisfy everyone's stomach! **・Atayal Ancient Tune Original Concert** The stories about the Atayal tribe are all hidden in the singing of Wallis, a little wine and a little music. This evening, we lay down our burdens and hand over our truest self. ★The concert provides unlimited drinks with tribal special tunes! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50281077233_7a048bec5a_b.jpg **Day 2** **・Forest picnic near the waterfall in the Tebilun Gorge** Ride on the tribal Ferrari, let’s have a picnic by the waterfall and have breakfast! ★It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the old village to the entrance of the waterfall, and then walk for about 30 minutes to reach the Tebilun Waterfall. Some sections along the road require both hands and feet and ropes. Please wear comfortable shoes and no slippers. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50281918617_003944de64_b.jpg **・Hunter experience sharing of Varis in the forest** Let's have a little more story on the way out of Thebrunn. Regarding the legend of Thebylon, or the experience of hunting, feel the humility of Atayal hunters in front of nature and the wisdom handed down from ancestors. **・The tea plantation on the mountain top overlooks the city of the sky** Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the old tribe, feeling the shock of the mountains, you can understand the origin of the Sky City. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50281928287_d64e01e06e_b.jpg **・A new experience of local ingredients** At lunch time, Abs’ culinary skills and the tribe’s local ingredients are the last meal before leaving the Ruiyan tribe. **・About Atayal man's bow** Get to know the traditional Atayal bows and arrows, think about the age of bravery and good fighting, and then pick up the bow yourself, let the hunter teach you how to shoot the brow corners, and challenge to hit the heart! **・See you next time in Ruiyan Tribe!** I have left memories and stories here for two days and one night. Before leaving, I will look back at the old tribe and make an agreement to come back next time! **【Activity Travel Expenses】** The full cost starts from NT$4,580 per person (depending on the room type selected and additional transportation, etc.) **[Travel expenses included]** | Activities| Guided tour of the old tribe, teaching of taking materials from bamboo forest, Atayal harmonica making, tribal-style concert, sharing of hunters in the Terbilan Gorge, hunter's bow-archery teaching | Traffic| The fee includes D2 Tiebilun round-trip transfer (The Three Places of Tebilun, Tribes, and Tea Gardens move) If you need to make an appointment for the connection from Puli to the tribe, please fill in the remarks column. The connection fee will be handed over to the daily staff. | Meals| A total of four meals including meals in the itinerary: D1 Hunter Bamboo Tube Meal D1 Local dinner in tribal kitchen D2 Canyon Waterfall Forest Picnic (Change indoors in case of rain) D2 Local lunch in tribal kitchen | Accommodation| Overnight in the old Japanese house in the old tribe, this evening is a rare special experience The room type arrangement depends on each person's choice: There are double suites, double elegant rooms, and Japanese rooms Single person can be accommodated in double room type, need to make up for room price difference | Others | Tribal leader, insurance, administrative and related operating expenses **【Traffic advice】** (1) Drive by yourself to meet at Luming Mountain, Ruiyan Old Tribe, Renai Township (2) Take the bus from Taichung to Puli about 20-30 minutes, and then make a reservation for the shuttle from Puli to the tribe. ps. If you need to make an appointment for the connection from Puli to the tribe, please fill in the remarks column. The connection fee is 1,000 yuan per person and handed over to the daily staff on site. **[About Good Daily]** "Travel is to walk into the daily life on the ground" Let travel return to the ground, take everyone into the island’s true stories about the mountains, seas, and tribes, so that every traveler can have a deeper emotional and connection with this land . We don't do experience, we just play for real. I really went to the hunting ground for one night and slept in the forest; I really walked along the old road with the elderly, the sound of the shotgun resounded throughout the forest; I really made a bow of my own and took it on the streets of Taipei; Of the people in the tribe. Where to go on the weekend? Go to places that have no other travelers but are worth traveling! Instagram: @profoundlifetw OK, Daily Profound Life