│SWEET 家 │Series ‧Sweet Hut ‧Infant slippers with intellectual mummy rabbit head

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│SWEET‧Home│Series ‧Sweet Hut ‧Intellectual Mummy Rabbit Head Slippers ● Made in Taiwan


Bo Bonny

│SWEET 家 │Series ‧Sweet Hut ‧Infant slippers with intellectual mummy rabbit head


│SWEET‧Home│Series ‧Sweet Hut ‧Intellectual Mummy Rabbit Head Slippers ● Made in Taiwan A family of stripes from the popping planet It consists of a steady father, an intellectual mother, a steady brother ... and other 6 people They live in a sweet hut Fun and play together every day Home series Interpreting various styles of indoor slippers in the form of stripes Warm colors bring visual harmony Comfortable texture makes it hard to take off ♥ Product description: * Special gradient striped upper fabric‧Midsole thermal blended cotton fabric * Comfortable and easy to wear‧A good choice for relaxing home * 5mm EVA platform heel soothing pressure foam pads with soft feet to reduce foot pressure * Cute bunny rabbit head decoration, bringing warmth and warmth ♥ Cleaning method: Can be put into a laundry bag and placed in a washing machine for cleaning. ♥ Product specifications: Violet Shoe length 26 cm / shoe width 10 cm / shoe height 1 cm ♥ Try on report: Miss O (narrow feet without meat): Usually wear size 23, slightly loose Miss A (foot-shaped wide and flesh-free): Usually wear size 22.5, loosely Miss K (feet with wide flesh): usually wear size 23.5, comfortable to wear ♥ Special instructions for international shipping: International shipping costs are more complicated, depending on the quantity and region, it is recommended to write to us to communicate with us before placing an order. ♥ About Boo Ni: Bo Bonny is a natural born girl with lovely long ears and a natural personality. A rabbit who likes to make friends and often smiles. The meaning of the text Bo (咵) has a cute and vivid expression of pursed lips, I hope that every small day Bo will do good things happen. I hope that every little day will be able to achieve my dream. Ms. Bo Bonny Biao Ni Ni hopes to bring the positive power of love and warmth to her good friends, to be comfortable and be herself. #Mood slightly blue, just laugh slightly together -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Born with a lovely pair of long ears, Miss Bo Bonny is naturally cute as her signature. With a warm smile on her face, Miss Bo Bonny's heart always spare a room for new friends. "Bo" this word, refers to Bo Bonny's signature cute gesture to peck a flying kiss. Bo and May we are blessed in every single day Bo and May our dreams come true Miss Bo Bonny is always there to devote her warmth and bring joy around. Please take her hand and feel her unconditionally positive energy #When you feel a little blue, let's smile together ♥ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan


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