Rarely large red hair crystal rabbit hair crystal wax thread woven necklace Red Rutile Quartz

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Rare natural large red hair crystal rabbit hair crystal Venus crystal wax thread woven long necklace 26-sided Red Rutile Quartz Macrame Handmade long Necklace


Rarely large red hair crystal rabbit hair crystal wax thread woven necklace Red Rutile Quartz


Natural red-haired crystals with complete appearance are rare in the market. There are a total of 26 facets. The delicate rutile is elegant and beautiful, and the white crystal is transparent and natural. The most important point is that it is very large~ 【Product Code Product Code】 RY2075167 [Description & Size] Red Rutile Quartz about 42mm x 20.5mm x 10mm South American wax thread hand-knitted rope (material that can touch water) 925 Sterling Silver Chain & Beads and Parts Total length 65cm (about 25.59 Inch) Red hair crystal: reticulated rutile, fine hair strands are softly entwined, also known as rabbit hair crystal or Venus crystal, red rabbit hair is the more uniform the hair, the better the quality, exuding warm feminine temperament, in gentleness Shows self-confidence and positive action. Red energy: improve mobility and restore vitality. 【package】 The shipment will be made of simple packaging and environmentally friendly materials. If you have special needs to give gifts, please note and inform. Thank you~ ◇There are natural characteristic ice cracks & cloudiness inside the natural gemstone. Strong collision may cause fragmentation~ ◆100% natural real object real shot, the level is shown in the figure, it is taken under different light sources, the photos may have color difference due to the environment, angle or computer environment, everything is subject to the actual object, if you can’t agree with the purchase, please think twice. [Origin / Manufacturing] Taiwan/Maya Tara handmade Hand-made, there are some traces, perfectionists please think twice when buying. Natural gems: Don't care about flaws, treat flaws as fun. The price of gems in the United States (perfect) will be too high to buy. If it does not affect the use, it will also have a unique flavor~ Compared with the standardized products produced in large quantities in the factory, we insist that every piece of work is handmade, hoping to present an indescribable sense of beauty. There are not many pieces of the same work, even if it is the same design, each crystal ore is also They are all unique, and I look forward to seeing you all hand-made jewelry made of natural stone. 【International shipping method】 Except for Hong Kong and Macau, all mail will be sent by post office. 【Maintenance Notes】 1. Try to avoid direct contact with chemicals and water such as perfume or cosmetics when wearing all accessories, and avoid wearing them in hot spring areas or swimming pools. 2. Silver jewelry will appear light brown when oxidized, and it can be wiped directly with silver cloth. The silver wiping cloth contains silver care ingredients and cannot be washed with water. The stain produced by wiping is silver and can be used multiple times. 3. Silver jewelry with exquisite and three-dimensional workmanship, avoid deliberately wiping the light. 4. If the silver jewelry is not sealed and stored or wiped frequently, it will easily darken the color. 5. The best maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because body oil can make silver produce a natural and moist luster. 6. Ornaments on the polished surface of the original color are the easiest to maintain, just wipe them with a silver cloth. 7. The pearls can be cleaned with clean water after being worn. Please do not store them in airtight places. [Small reminder before placing an order] ◈ Orders and shipments are mainly based on the works on the product page. ◈ If you have any other problems, please write to us first. ◈ All products are ordered after the order is paid. Return and exchange services are not provided. Please choose the customized size carefully before placing the order. If you want to modify the size due to the wrong size selection, please email to inform the product before confirmation. It must be returned with the package intact, and the round-trip freight and related material modification costs shall be borne by itself. ◈ After you receive the goods, if the goods are damaged or scratched due to non-human factors or the packaging is damaged during transportation If it’s incomplete, please send us an email as soon as possible. We will evaluate the defect or damage of the product, and do everything possible New products will be sent to you as soon as possible. ◈"Handmade" jewelry size may have slight errors and hand-made traces. ◈ The resolution of each computer may be slightly different. ◈ The average waiting time for ordering is about 10 working days (excluding holidays). If you have an urgent need to receive the goods within a certain time, please write to us first~ ♥**Maya Tara**Sincerely thank you for your love and support, thank you for your purchase, and hope you like the work~ Welcome again. I wish you all the best and good mood every day~~∠※