TENGA PREMIUM HARD Classic Upgrade Blowjob Disposable Jet Cup

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The highly acclaimed PREMIUM TENGA, which was released in limited quantities for the 10th anniversary, is back! In response to the numerous re-releases, the PREMIUM series once again joined the ranks of the unbeaten classics of TENGA CUP! With the highest quality silicone rubber and specially designed internal structure, it brings a refreshing sense of tight



TENGA PREMIUM HARD Classic Upgrade Blowjob Disposable Jet Cup



● Honeycomb spiral contact glue on the front ● Compound stimulating tactile gel protrusions ● Resilience, strong and elastic high-grade soft sponge ● The highest quality silicone and specially designed internal structure 【TENGA CUP】 TENGA CUP disposable jet cup is the most convenient and highest CP product of all TENGA products. The inside is filled with lubricating fluid. You can enjoy it after unpacking, and discard it after you enjoy it. This kind of overbearing after injection Sense, only TENGA CUP can afford it! Each TENGA CUP has three versions Red / Standard Edition / STANDARD: The material is moderately hard and soft. It is recommended for the first-time use, handsome guys with choice barriers. Black / tough version / Hard: the hardest and most flexible material, recommended for super durable old drivers! White / Standard Edition / Soft Edition: The material is the softest and smoothest, slow play type, recommended for sportsmen who like to play slowly and savor carefully! Ten years of success The highly acclaimed premium tenga is back With the highest quality silicone rubber and specially designed internal structure, it brings a refreshing sense of tight fit! Strictly selected the highest quality materials and refined manufacturing techniques, please enjoy this high-quality sucking pleasure! Classic reappearance, great upgrade of material and pleasure, super quality made by 10 years of technology hardening, simple and lightweight, easy to hold and easy to use! TENGA has a unique vacuum sucking design to experience the tightest tingling feeling! [Dr. Highly recommended for fun] TENGA PREMIUM|10th Anniversary The limited premium edition TENGA PREMIUM with golden lines is a limited sale for Tenga's 10th anniversary. Compared with TENGA's repetitive airplane cup, it is not only as cool as the repetitive airplane cup, but the price is much more affordable. The use of the highest-grade gel cup and dense high-grade foam adds a richer stimulating covering than other CUP series products, and there are also soft soft version and hard tough version. After the limited TENGA PREMIUM was sold out and off the shelves, the official TENGA was no match for the people's pleading, which made TENGA PREMIUM the classic TENGA CUP permanent. [Interesting Trial Member No. 1 Evaluation] TENGA PREMIUM is an airplane cup that will be repurchased again and again if it breaks. The interior is very soft, and the stimulating structure is evenly distributed. It evenly takes care of the overall refreshing feeling. The soft brush area in the front section of the aircraft cup is particularly sensible. When I first entered, I was frightened by the brushing feeling. After all, I usually can’t have this. The experience, it feels like a lot of soft tentacles brushing every part of the glans, with the wet and sticky touch, that kind of feeling is really hard to describe, a little numb and stimulating, it is really addictive. Going further, you will reach the devil's area of TENGA PREMIUM. The particle army on the top surrounds the entire top. You can also clearly feel a big meat ball poking the glans head. Maybe I am personally obsessed with the soft touch of the particles. From the beginning The soft brush is irritated, to the top of the big pellets, the whole stick is scrubbed very clean, and it is cool enough! Not only the price is cheap, but the overall feeling is also very good, so I accidentally repurchased it for the third time! https://youtu.be/2fKApRoxSrY PREMIUM TENGA HARD https://i.imgur.com/X6JA6Ye.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gQkEbFE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/su9F8Mg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/LSiQeSn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZT5OIPW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ossV5m8.jpg "PREMIUM TENGA Luxury Commemorative Edition Masturbation Cup" TENGA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Bullet Screening carefully selected high-quality materials and ten years of proven production technology have created this unique product. Specially formulated high-quality colloids; newly designed internal details; high-grade carbamate wrapped like flowing water; with newly developed and easy-to-wipe lubricants! A luxurious masturbation cup that allows you to experience a different pleasure! 【Specifications】 🔹 Commodity brand: TENGA 🔹 Product name: TENGA PREMIUM HARD classic upgrade vacuum oral sex disposable jet cup 🔹 Product weight: 130g 🔹 Features: front-end design, gel-like protrusions, strong elasticity 🔹 Body size: length 69 × width 69 × height 155 (mm/mm) 🔹 Manufacturing Origin: MADE IN JAPAN Japan 【Use Note】 ⚠️ Please use water-based lubricant (Ex: TENGA PLAY GEL lubricant|Water-based lubricant 160ml) ⚠️ Do not use silicone lubricating fluid, the silicone toy will break! ⚠️ Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, please store in a cool place ⚠️ Do not disinfect with alcohol, it will break! ✋ Ensure that the products are officially authorized distributors and original authentic products ✋ The shipment is secretly packaged, and there will not be any sex goods words - Image license number: TENIlEa9d00550884511 Description of the image: "The copyright of the TENGA product image used on this page belongs to TENGA Japan Headquarters and Taiwan Branch. This page is authorized to use due to the proper application procedure, and arbitrary reprinting and modification are prohibited.


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