Everlasting bouquet photo frame standing wall hanging dual-use promotion / transfer / opening / new home / counter decoration

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The flower material can be customized for other colors, and it is welcome to discuss it with the designer and the designer.



Everlasting bouquet photo frame standing wall hanging dual-use promotion / transfer / opening / new home / counter decoration


People give it the name of eternal flowers, no flowers, stellar flowers, etc. All want to leave a beautiful flowering period Everlasting flowers are not going to be bad Eternity is the most beautiful moment Looking forward to this elegant soft and quiet texture Can last for several years ♥ Specifications After the photo frame was exhibited, the performance: 13*20 cm The size is manual measurement, there may be 1~2 cm error, please forgive me! Standing wall hanging dual purpose ♥ Material Eternal roses, diffused flowers, triangle grass, no eucalyptus, rabbit tail, canal, lafia, Cassia, immortal awning and other flowers. ♥ save 1. Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and mildew. 2. Reduce direct sunlight and maintain color for a long time. 3. Please sit still and avoid touching, moving and shaking from time to time, reducing the chance of flower damage and falling. 4. If it is contaminated with dust, gently remove it with a soft brush or a balloon. 5. If it is well preserved, it can maintain its appearance for several years, but it is not preserved indefinitely. Naturally faded and weathered as normal with time. ♥ Reminder 1. The plant growth characteristics and direction will not be exactly the same. The size and placement of the flowers in the product will be optimally matched and adjusted by the designer. The appearance cannot be exactly the same as the product photo, but the similarity will be maintained as much as possible. . 2. All flowers may be temporarily out of stock or of poor quality due to seasonality and climate. Please agree to let us adjust the products you purchased with the equivalent of similar flowers. 3. The production time depends on the complexity of the product, and the average time is about 5 days. If you need to arrive at a specific time, please communicate with the designer before placing the order. 4. There may be some drops during the delivery process. This is a normal phenomenon. The amount of flowers has been added in advance and will not be reduced due to falling. Please be assured. 5. This style is fragile due to the flower, only the home delivery or pick-up 6. Huaqiu's table flowers are packed with gift boxes, no additional purchase is required. 7. Need to write a small card, please provide content, 30 words or less. If you have other needs and questions, please write to the designer. Please confirm the above instructions before purchase to ensure your rights and interests. If you are unacceptable, please do not make a reservation. Thank you!


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