Luli Ripe Fruit Oolong Tea Loose Tea 150g

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Wrong like tea comes from Taiwan’s Nantou tea farm, all products have organic certification and SGS safety certification. Ripe fruit oolong, amber tea soup is mellow and moist, echoing the friendliness of the land, co-existing and co-prospering with the pests of traditional tea gardens, and nurturing the taste of the integration of heaven and earth. The roas


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Luli Ripe Fruit Oolong Tea Loose Tea 150g

商品説明 **Wrong to like tea, glutinous rice, ripe fruit oolong tea, loose tea naked bag 150g** "Wrongly like tea. It is from Taiwan and has been passed down for generations."  Flavor description: Mellow tea soup, full of fruity aroma Low honey taste, warm and moisturizing into the throat Qingsuanshengjin‧Returning to sweetness  Altitude: 300 to 400 meters  Place of Origin: Mingjian Terrace  Taste: The ripe fruit has a rich honey fragrance, with endless throat rhyme  Ingredients: Oolong tea / High Quality Oolong  Certification: No pesticides, no fertilizers, no herbicides, no fragrances  Type: ball type / one heart and two leaves hand pick  Origin: 100% Taiwan Nantou local good tea  Specifications: 150g / Loose Tea  Packaging: Vacuum aluminum bag packaging, with Chinese and English brewing guide  Shelf life: 24 months (before opening)  Storage method: Please keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. **[Wrong boss’s tea search notes]** Before the rise of high mountain tea, oolong tea with different degrees of fermentation and roasting was the mainstream in Taiwan's tea market. By some chance, I drank this oolong tea with a ripe fruit aroma and a variety of flavors. The entrance of the amber tea soup is mellow and moist, and the roasting aroma fills the mouth. When you swallow it into your throat, you can feel that the tea soup is not ordinary liquid, but slightly creamy. The tea juice after heavy fermentation exudes a charming charm, the two sides of the tongue root are stimulated to produce fluid, and the throat rhyme is long and unforgettable. Came to the tea garden at the time of the cold spring. After the spring rains in Fei Fei, the serrated buds of the leaf margins have scrambled upwards. Butterflies are flying in groups in the tea garden. The fields next to the tea trees, and the big-leaf Xianfeng grass blooms without giving way. The vice has to compete with Oolong tea for short and long. The tea farmer told me that the best fertilizer for organic planting is fallen leaves, but fallen leaves alone cannot be converted into nutrients that can be absorbed by tea trees, but fallen leaves alone cannot be converted into nutrients that can be absorbed by tea trees. He left this important task. earthworm. After years of adjustments, there are thousands of earthworms in the tea garden, and the excrement discharged is the best fertilizer for the tea trees. The earthworms with 10,000 heads have become the best helper for turning the soil in the tea garden. Wandering beside the tea tree, I found that many new buds had shrunk and curled, and a closer look revealed many small brown spots. When I asked tea farmers, I found out that organic tea gardens do not spray agriculture, and blind stink bugs can only invade young leaves. These little spots are the masterpieces of blind stink bugs. But over the years, the two sides have found a balanced way of getting along, and tea farmers will not culminate. The damaged area of blind stink bugs will be concentrated in certain areas, and sometimes one area may be eaten to nothing, but in exchange for the integrity of other areas. Suddenly a line from the movie Kung Fu Chartered Lady appeared in my mind: Can I give a way to survive? Don't kill them all! **[Pass the food safety inspection Befriend With Nature]** The tea bags are hand-picked original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bags. The tea bags and cotton thread are imported from Japan, and the high heat-resistant PET net imported from Japan is used. All of them have passed the national standard SGS inspection. Please feel free to drink.


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