[Staff Series] Diandian / sensitive and weak muscle pure cotton breathable mask cover Diandian series マスク Masks

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100% tri-fold mask cover made by Taiwanese craftsmen. Designed with openings on both sides, medical masks can be conveniently put in, and the mask cover can be changed and washed repeatedly, easy to dry, which can effectively extend the life of the mask (note: this product does not contain a mask!)


[Staff Series] Diandian / sensitive and weak muscle pure cotton breathable mask cover Diandian series マスク Masks


https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/39a89383127055aad396c723adfc8422.jpg **The FOR TWENTY brand provides pure cotton breathability to create a comfortable and comfortable daily life.** **[Bags and Bags] Taiwanese handworkers will focus on you│The most careful care for sensitive and weak muscles** **FOR TWENTY teamed up with Yilan staff** Special model ─ mother's temperature mask cover When working outside, parents at home are always particularly worried about whether the children’s working environment and the safety of going out can be assured. FOR TWENTY also heard the voices of company colleagues and their parents, Whether you are a child or a parent, you can go to get off work and school with peace of mind. The craftsmen insist on hand-made spirit to develop this product, Let our colleagues in the company and friends of FOR TWENTY have a safe working environment and a safe daily life when working outside. https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/6f2997f48ec5d19fb5d9d19adc08a9fd.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/e2751c712d49b257ad25b57b5145d633.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/e8412f79c98ab6511116718b9e388a5b.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/9e5c228309e26a05d540afb71ee3b3e7.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/bf6aeb3b385a3e1d392a4ceb6da8d6d2.jpg Product desciption: ● 100% handmade in Taiwan ● Three-fold mask cover ● Designed openings on both sides for easy insertion of medical masks ● The mask cover can be changed and washed repeatedly ● Pure cotton material is easy to dry after washing ● Can effectively extend the life of the mask (Note: This product does not contain masks!) ● Specifications: flat area / adult version = 18 cm * 10.2 cm (a slight difference between plus and minus 0.3 cm) **If you need to change the color, it is recommended to re-order** **Very important please note! Hand-made will have an error of about 0.2-3 centimeters, if you mind a slight error in the size, please do not order!** ● Fabric style: please refer to the picture area ● Highly breathable, non-fading and lint-free ● Material origin and production: Taiwan ● The pre-order is changed after the stock is sold out. If you need to specify the color for the pre-order, please inform us to check the fabric for you. Cleaning method: ● Do not hot water, do not iron ● Rinse in cold water and dry easily It is recommended to clean cotton clothes with liquid detergent before washing them. Generally, hand washing is best. It is not recommended to put them in the washing machine. Dry them naturally after a little pressure, because ordinary irons will only make cotton clothes hard and become too hot. The color shrinkage line, once this happens, it is very small that it can be restored to the appearance; therefore, the cotton should be dried in cold water at room temperature and at room temperature. After washing, it is best to keep the original folding line and dry! https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/9a9a6fae2e90ef2100653debce463886.jpg [The origin of the story] **Simple life X bags handed down** **Stories about them_sewing workers** The story started from the white round toot zipper cosmetic bag... Mother Luo usually makes handcrafts for her daughter, and we accidentally ran into this wonderful gift when we visited. As a professional seamstress, she always has extra fabrics and small things. She said: "Sometimes it is boring, on a whim. I think it is fun to combine to make a small bag. Anyway, bored is also idle!" I will show it to my daughter after I finish it. If she likes it, let her take it. It's good to put small things in the bag." Mother Luo said, “I don’t think I’m very satisfied with what I’ve made. Someone will buy the bags I made? Many people are making bags. Each bag is not very expensive. Although I think it shouldn’t be difficult to make it. I feel so shy..." When working with workers, they often find that they are humble and kind, and give people a sense of warmth and simplicity. They often want to make some practical clothes, pants, bags, bags... to give to relatives and friends. At the beginning of the invitation or every new product development, they often say, "No one will buy~" FOR TWENTY hopes to work hard to let more people see the work of the staff, and let more people use actions to make the staff know: You are great! Really great! We dare not say that the hand-made products will be extremely exquisite, with no difference in every needle and thread. But every hand-made product is full of messages that the craftsman’s intentions, temperature and hope are affirmed and praised! Bags are passed down from generation to generation, Hand-made sewn goods are a sign of Luo's full love for her daughter. Simple and real, simple but generous, the most important thing is-it contains the practice of love and sharing. https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/bdfb2c70b9a0365917d29d5230826f7f.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/f68646c9ca031a1628e2d9dae7df557d.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/027a5d5b8b0f1aa51c1491d8ad4e0172.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/39fd9639138cf1b60fd5fb85a714a1dc.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/fe446b393aefebd8895836dfc89c911c.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/caff173049e793a32583435f2fca6605.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2021/02/01/c9c3267ec230b75209e7b2c583ecc310.jpg


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