Romantic Fragrance Set of 4/8

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Wonderful romantic gift box, the best little surprise for lovers. High-quality soy candles, combined with popular essential oil fragrance. Pay for a small card to help you make the most beautiful arrangement!


Romantic Fragrance Set of 4/8


[Precious] a symbol of love using seasonal dried flower pearl grass Paired with Sola Flower, symbolizing the "sun" in life [Permanent] symbolizing love using tenacious Metrasia This product contains the following rich content 1. Diffuse bouquet (after unpacking, you can put it in the diffuser liquid as a diffuser stick) 2.Diffuser 120ml (about 1-2 months) 3.Soy candle 175ml (can burn 40-50 hours) 4. Hand-dried flower card (can assist in printing card content)-> Please privately send card content 5. Outer box packaging Of course, we provide 10 kinds of aromas for you to choose. If you don't like the aroma, please feel free to contact us. We provide professional customized services. [No.1 Rose 玫瑰] Romantic Floral Scent Pure rose essential oil formula, the aroma of roses, will make people feel young, feel confident, and even full of charm. It is very suitable for calling for love or creating a romantic atmosphere. [No.2 Jasmine Jasmine] Sweet Floral Scent Fresh and refined jasmine, beautiful and fragrant, has a boosting mood and will have a low melancholy. In addition, it can bring joy, help, aphrodisiac, and can create a youthful vitality for the soul. If one is looking for inspiration or creativity in the pursuit of peace. Jasmine's fragrance can also bring this feeling. [No.3 Lavender Lavender] Fresh Floral Scent Lavender's flower language is-waiting for love, its special aroma, with the power to adjust the balance of body and mind. It calms down emotions and relieves stress. It also works for depression and anxiety. Place the bedroom for good sleep. [No.4 Fall in love Falling in Love] Sweet Floral Scent It is suitable for those who like the natural compound floral scent.It contains the romance of roses, the tenderness of jasmine, and the relaxation with lavender. Suitable for various environments. [No.5 Gold Stage] Classic NO5. With a warm orange fragrance combined with a slightly sweet jasmine fragrance, it is a neutral fragrance suitable for any place. The golden stage fragrance can bring a happy atmosphere to the environment. The dazzling golden color energy can be used to summon Rich wealth. [No.6 Rainforest 雨林] Floral fragrance The rainy forest, mixed with the smell of flowers and trees, is a release, but also a nourishing, fresh grassy fragrance. Take you into the forest of your heart and feel the tranquility after rain [No.7 Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky] Fresh Floral Scent Have you seen the ever-changing colors of the sky? From the indigo gradient to the crimson purple mist, or the lake water green to lemon yellow blue sky, through the aroma to show the sky color, bring you unlimited imagination. This is a sweet flavor. The aroma of Elan Elan is special and charming, as if it is a youthful feeling, reducing depression and generating self-confidence can bring great positive energy to people. Moist sweet fennel can soothe mood, and lavender is the best relaxing partner. Vanilla Sky takes you back to the beauty of that year. [No.8 Blue Ocean] Blue Natural Fruity There is a sea breeze blowing on your cheeks, a fresh and natural, soft and open heart, and a pleasant mood. This is the taste of meditating on the Mediterranean coast. The cool breeze is a relaxing but pleasant holiday style. You like sunny beaches and oceans. You must try this summer wind. [No.9 Star Light] Natural Floral Scent This is a brand new bedside fragrance. The fragrance can help you to sleep peacefully. Starlight fragrance puts 2 different varieties of lavender but adds unexpected white magnolia fragrance and light sweet jasmine. This is A charming fragrance we highly recommend, I believe you will definitely see the beautiful breath under the stars. [No.10 Divine Tree] Top wood tone We have found thousands of choices for the essential oils of red and yellow tincture. When making this fragrance, I always see the beautiful Shenmu group, so the name just emerges. This is a unique sacred atmosphere in Taiwan, different from For the general aroma of alder, we use an exclusive secret recipe to enhance the level of the aroma of alder. It is more moist and more temperament. This is definitely an unforgettable fresh aroma. [Quality safety and environmental responsibility] Diffuser oil: Use ISOPAR which is not harmful to the human body and the environment. Cosmetic solvents can be used directly or indirectly. The aroma is perfumed with natural pure essential oils, which has the original aromatherapy effect of plants. Even when placed in the bedroom, the smell is not pungent and safe. Soy candles: use organic soy wax, no black smoke, low temperature, no hot, clean burning candle [Expansive use] Pour the appropriate solvent into the diffuser bottle, and if necessary, replace it with a new diffuser stick / diffuser for the best results 【Precautions】 1.Made from natural essential oils, without added stabilizers, preservatives, sometimes there will be some natural fusion precipitates 2. When the diffuser effect is not good, please replace the diffuser stick / diffuse flower, because it will cause clogging after using for a long time 3. Do not use candles in confined spaces 4. When using candlelight, please keep away from flammable materials and keep it in sight. [Custom demand service] 1.Can change the color of the bouquet 2.Extra packaging service available 3. Fragrance service This product provides "Shuangbei One Day Express" service: -The service scope is limited to Shuangbei area, and can be delivered on the same day. -This service is for orders received before 14:00 from Monday to Friday, and weekend orders will be postponed until next Monday. -When placing an order, please check "Express" for the shipping method and note the expected arrival time. -Please reserve at least "two hours (designer can flexibly adjust)" ample delivery time.


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