Hemp storage rear backpack (A4 OK) - hemp black stripes _100188

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◆Use water-resistant matt nylon fiber like natural hemp ◆ can effectively reduce its weight, but can maintain the characteristics of linen ◆Removable zipper bag can not only be taken by hand, but also can be turned into a diagonal bag after purchasing long



Hemp storage rear backpack (A4 OK) - hemp black stripes _100188


https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-start-pinkoi.jpg https://youtu.be/AJSotextn2s {{Ma sense storage bag design introduction}} ◆Use water-resistant matt nylon fiber like natural hemp ◆ can effectively reduce its weight, but can maintain the characteristics of linen ◆Removable zipper bag can not only be taken by hand, but also can be turned into a diagonal bag after purchasing long shoulder strap ◆Key buckle ◆Unique silk flower ribbon design ◆ Travel essential super artifact ◆Can be purchased with detachable chest buckle https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-1.jpg ◤◤Smart storage ◢◢ The whole bag can be put into the storage bag, which is convenient for taking out the country and does not occupy the luggage space (the 22 inch small suitcase below) https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-2.jpg ◤◤Natural Slub Look◢◢ Using matt nylon fiber, the fabric creates a feel and value like cotton fiber, and can effectively reduce the weight by 15% to 20%, and has water resistance. https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-3.jpg ◤◤ detachable zip pocket ◢◢ Not only can be used as a storage bag, but also can be used as an inner bag, with a shoulder strap instantly turned into a shoulder bag https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-4.jpg ◤◤Optional accessories-long storage shoulder strap ◢◢ (If you have special color matching requirements, please note on the order) Length: 66 ~ 124 cm / Width: 2.5 cm https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-5.jpg ◤◤Water Resistant Material◢◢ It is made of natural linen matt nylon fiber with waterproof coating on the back. It will be wet when it meets water, but it will not leak into the inner layer. It is a functional fabric with water repellent, but it is rainy or direct. When the water column is sprayed, the water pressure is too large and it will leak into the inner layer from the fine seam of the fabric fiber and the seam. (The stripe flower part has no water repellent function) https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-6.jpg 必备 Travel essential super artifact ◢◢ It can be easily inserted into the luggage trolley, the invisible zipper bag inside the trolley, safely placed passports, long clips, etc., should be the safest position besides the body. https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-7.jpg ◤◤Optional accessories~Slip-proof chest strap ◢◢ (If you have special color matching requirements, please note on the order) Adjustable length: 14 ~ 31cm; width: 2cm The buckle on the chest prevents the strap from slipping off, making the bag more conformable and stable to the human body. When the walking or more intense activities are reduced, the shaking of the backpack occurs, which can provide a stable carrying effect. https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-8.jpg ◤◤ ◤◤ 也 can also have a large capacity ◢◢ Since this series is a storage bag, it looks small when it is opened. It is recommended that you put the items carried on weekdays into the bag and feel the capacity, which is basically enough. The wrinkled part can be sprinkled with water + sling bag for about 2~3 days, or you can use the vertical steamer (no iron) https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-9.jpg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-dora.gif ◤◤Key special buckle + practical D ring ◢◢ https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-10.jpg ◤◤ Optional accessories ~ small SIZE height variable package https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-11.jpg When you are carrying your shoulders or backs, you can place the hand-worn ribbon on the folds and then fasten the buckles. It is practical and beautiful. https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-12.jpg ◤◤Double sewing ◢◢ Strap force point strengthens double sewing, excellent load, up to 6-7kg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-13.jpg ◤◤ high pounds of densely woven cotton webbing◢◢ Safe and comfortable and more durable https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-14.jpg Comet zipper design◢◢ Branded star zipper pull card, two-way zipper for easy access, with detachable zipper drawstring for better use https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-15.jpg ◤◤Diverse combinations. Functional upgrade◢◢ https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-17.jpg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-18.jpg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-19.jpg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-3878-21.jpg ◤◤Product size◢◢ ‧Wide (cm) / Above: 22 Bottom: 28 ‧High (cm) / 39 ‧thick (cm) / 18 ‧weight / 448g The size is for reference only, the actual size is mainly based on the actual product, because each person measures different ways, if there is a 1cm error is a reasonable range. ◤◤Color ◢◢ https://www.pinkoi.com/search?q=100188 (Color store links) https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100188-all.jpg ◤◤Optional accessories◢◢ https://www.pinkoi.com/search?q=100233 (Good inside pocket) https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-100233-all.jpg ◤◤Washing method◢◢ In case of small dirt, please dilute the diluted neutral detergent with a damp cloth, wipe it gently, and place it in a ventilated place. Do not soak the water for too long or rub the alcohol during washing, there is a risk of fading or staining. https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-story.jpg https://www.bagcom.com.tw/buyimgs/buy-end-pinkoi.jpg


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