Medium long white bed warm quilt filled heavy warm down jacket neutral couple for men and women

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Medium long white bed warm quilt 90% velvet filled heavy warm down jacket neutral couple with men and women in the same winter in the same day with the same paragraph! | vitatha Fanta Tower original design independent women's brand



vitatha ショップへ

Medium long white bed warm quilt filled heavy warm down jacket neutral couple for men and women


__Please check extra long models__

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Many short girls in this section are afraid of being unable to hold back.

You are being stunned by the gas field of Big Rolling Brothers.

In fact, this down jacket is quite everyday.

Big quilts without MM6 are so exaggerated

Add a belt to make it more neat

Considering that this down jacket is originally loose oversize

We made a code this year.

Girls who don’t want to be too long or short can choose our short paragraph

__Male model height: 180, wearing a long section__

△ Fanta said:

This down jacket is what we started to think from the winter of 2015.

(Because of limited production capacity, I was abandoned when I came up with the yearlight.)

16 summer began preparations, proofing, modification, and clothes to Iceland

I’m finally going to meet you now.

(Thinking about it is a little too excited)

After a year of experience, I was able to stick to the original idea of this dress.

I want to say

It has not only withstood various tests and tempered

Also passed through thousands of miles

Present in front of you now

It’s the finished product that we have carefully crafted.


This year, all kinds of raw materials are rising wildly.

The price of white duck down doubled directly

Would you like to resurrect this down jacket? It really made us tangled for a long time.

Finally, I decided to make this thing a success.

Also because

Last year only a long white and gray

And the short paragraph of the mind, and the black version did not officially meet with you.

We don't want it to abort for cost reasons.

This year we made some optimizations in the details.

The face cloth also changed to a more textured (higher price) cotton sapphire with pleated texture.

The back of the long section is still open (easy to walk)

The back of the short paragraph is not open (to avoid becoming a Donald Duck)

The amount of cashmere is not reduced by the increase in the price of white duck down.

Short length due to length, the amount of cashmere is 290g

Long section 300g


[about details]

Many quilt down jackets have their own bloated properties

In order to solve this problem, we have put a lot of effort into the layout.

The effect is to keep the quilt fun shape but to abandon the bloated and exaggerated

Actually very wearable

We have added a manual dark buckle design for better fixing

(Hand sewing buttons are very time-consuming and the master says it will take an hour)

We try to use multiple strands to ensure the firmness of the manual buttons.

But the down jacket is too thick. When you wear it, be careful not to force it.

The design of the sleeve deliberately enlarges the cuffs because it can be flipped up with sleeves and rolled up.

Lengthening and widening the belt is also added to the detail of the belt and not tied completely two Feel

Put on the belt to highlight the proportion and look super casual

[Give him warmth]

When the sample is out, there are just a few guys who come to the studio to give us afternoon tea.

Let them try it on separately

The results are amazing to find that their upper body is also super! it is good! Look!

Especially in the gray sun, it will be blu-ray~ special advanced

After two days make up the boys' upper body details

Two people wearing a picture together will be very happy.

New black this year

Couple sets are properly taken up

[One bed warm quilt]

I don’t think I can find a more appropriate word to describe it.!!18008920.jpg?time=1492041512000

The shape of this down jacket originally appeared on the Autumn/Winter of Maison Martin Margiela 1999/2000.

We have always liked the shape of this down jacket.

It makes people feel particularly warm, especially safe

When I was a child, I watched a movie. The actress of Zheng Xiuwen dragged a mattress and walked on the empty street in the early morning.

That mattress was her only warmth and comfort when she fell in love.

That scene has been haunting my mind for so many years.

Let me realize that even a loved one, friend or lover

When you encounter severe winter, you can't get the warmth of a quilt.

And what we can give you is

[How do I warm]

1.300G nursery rhyme without bullying 90% white duck down filling

2. Professional custom imported anti-drilling coated fabric

(Maximum prevention of down-slurry, general down jacket only for anti-drilling treatment on the inner liner)

3. The texture of the face is high, the micro-pleated texture, and the dull luster under natural light.

4. Professional anti-drilling down liner

5. Advanced custom buttons

6. Cutting is extremely time-consuming and cost-effective, one-piece cutting, the material is nearly 7 meters

(In the production of clothes, as long as there is a stain that cannot be handled in one place, the whole piece of clothing is scrapped)

(Different from the Michelin shape of the ordinary down jacket, the processing of the face cloth is not required in the process)

7. Cotton filled cloth weave

Long in white!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg

Black long section!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg
Origin / manufacturing methods


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