KableCARD Urban Survival Card (White) Get Charged Everything City Survival Essentials

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● Multi-type charging cable ● Card size for portable access ● Wireless charging Qi 5W ● SIM storage tool group overseas travel super convenient ● Card reader function ● The phone holder is super convenient when you look at it. ● Environmental light source



KableCARD Urban Survival Card (White) Get Charged Everything City Survival Essentials


https://youtu.be/WmONn8AP9KE One card six kinds of cables Who is more cool than me? Why choose KableCARD? KableCARD's revolutionary design combines all the necessary common conversion heads, a Type-C charging transmission line close to 30cm, and three types of conversion heads that can be changed into six different types of charging lines. Only 6 different charging lines can be accommodated at the same time. The efficiency of competition begins with KableCARD. https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/3.gif You and I live in this urban jungle, all kinds of 3C charging connectors, is your equipment complete? https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/2.gif Seven design features https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/4.jpg Can you imagine a charger with 6 charging cables and wireless charging at the same time? Is the image appearing in the head that is cluttered, heavy, heavy, and inconvenient to carry? KableCARD offers you another option. https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/5.jpg https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/6.jpg Efficient & Order When everyone else is still in the middle of the bag, you must look for the charging cable from the depth of the bag.... You don't have to think about which type of charging cable to use, just take it out easily from the bag or wallet. KableCARD can be used anytime, anywhere, and who is more efficient than you? https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/7.jpg KableCARD is more than just a charging cable When you travel abroad, will you also buy a local Wifi card (SIM card) to use? The original SIM card should be placed? Is it afraid to lose? Fear? KableCARD built-in SIM card pin & 2 Nano SIM cards storage space. Although it seems simple, it can play the biggest role at an important moment. https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/8.jpg Built-in card reader The built-in card reader function plugs into the Micro SD and can be turned into a portable disk for easy computer access. https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/9.jpg Wireless charging Can your phone be wirelessly charged? KableCARD supports wireless charging Qi 5W (DC 5V 1A). After the power is plugged in, you can use wireless charging, wireless or wired, depending on your up to you. https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/5.gif Phone holder function Watching movies on your mobile phone? listen to music? Handsfree? It is dripping ~ to meet all your needs. KableCARD can be converted to a mobile phone holder with a single push, allowing you to watch movies comfortably, while also charging wirelessly. (KableCARD built-in wireless charging function) https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/10.gif https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/11.jpg https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/12.jpg Functional measurement display https://youtu.be/wA4cQ4-0U-s https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/13.jpg KableCARD - Urban Survival Card - All the charging lines you need are here!! https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/14.jpg https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/15.jpg https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/16.jpg https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/17_1.jpg 2019 gold point design stamp winning work https://www.elvesfactory.com/worldshop/TW/image/catalog/demo/KC7/18.jpg Unpacking the photo frame: 1. Unscrew the hook 2. Apply the ejector pin 3. Replace the photo 4 Combination frame buckle 5. Complete the photo frame use (or stand, or hang) This product specification Built-in functions: multiple types of charging cable (supporting PD fast charging), card size storage, wireless charging, SIM tool set, card reader, mobile phone holder, ambient light source Wire power: 24AWGx2 Wire signal: 28AWGx3, up to 60W. Wireless charging: Qi 5W (5V 1A) Card Reader: USB 2.0 (Micro SD HD / XC) Size: 8.6 × 5.5 × 0.86 cm Weight: about 52g Patent font size D197305 Precautions 1. This product is for indoor use only, applicable to ambient temperature 0~45°C. 2. This product adopts the standard USB charging specification. You can use your mobile phone USB charger (0.5A or 1A) or computer to supplement the power. If necessary, you can purchase the USB charger yourself. 3. Please use mobile phone holder to locate when using wireless charging. Wireless charging specification Qi 5W may not be used without using Qi specification. 4. When using this product, please keep your hands in a dry state. Please place the product in a place where it is difficult for infants and young children to obtain. 5, the packaging box is a loss material, non-product body is not included in the warranty and scope. 6, due to different personal computer settings, the actual product color is based on shipping 7. Applicable period is non-trial period, the product is transparent and visual packaging is not applicable. If you need to return the goods, please do not open the package.


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