Stereo Puzzle Jigsaw Speaker | New Animal Series (Blue)

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Stereo Puzzle Stereo Puzzle Stereo Puzzle Stereo Sound, own Bluetooth audio own group!



Stereo Puzzle Jigsaw Speaker | New Animal Series (Blue)


[New stereo puzzle sound (blue bud) officially made it! 】
Now you can make your favorite animal stand in the corner of the room and walk around with your cell phone. Use Bluetooth to call it to help you sing.

You can also pack the battery and show off with animals

====== Animal series puzzle sound, there are three shapes, which one do you like? :D ======

Wilderness style grassland, hillside designer favorites

Minimalist style polar penguin, Xiaopo Xiaobian favorite

Leisurely style bamboo panda, hill slope boss favorite XD

**Animal series new shape**
Different styles with moai and black bear, hill slope designer with more realistic lines, delineating new animal series
African elephants, polar penguins, bamboo panda hot pre-order running!
Let the animals sing for you on the desktop!


"How long has it not taken the time to invest in favorite things and is not kidnapped by technology?
Enjoy the feeling of creating something with your own hands? ”

—— Three-dimensional puzzle sound will bring you a brand new assembly experience and subvert your established impression of sound.

**Stereo Puzzle Stereo Puzzle**
Developed and designed by a group of passionate young Taiwanese people, it has both texture and sound quality.
At the same time bring you a brand new assembly experience! Your own sound, fight yourself!

**Hands-on assembly together**
We spent a lot of thought on the assembly structure, and the actual assembly will be easier and more interesting than you think!
It is not just to assemble the shell. We also hope that you can assemble the inside of the audio system yourself without having to face complicated circuits. Therefore, we have condensed circuits into circuit boxes to make innovative assembled electrical appliances.
Connect to mobile power, mobile phone transformer or computer and you can use it.

**Internal structure design**
Three-dimensional puzzles are particularly sculpted, but the internal speakers still maintain the best sound quality of the rectangle.
In order to make the sound assembly experience more complete, additional sound-absorbing cotton, shock-proof mats, special monomer glue, etc., while improving sound quality.

All the details are completely assembled by you and do not require any tools or screws.

**Two difficulty instructions**
Exclusive design - you can choose according to personal preferences, recommend starting from the challenge to experience, the most fun to discover!

**Your first assembly sound**
"To fight! All the design secrets are hidden here."

It is also suitable for giving as a gift

**Designer manuscript**
In order to make the parts fit perfectly, the design has been modified and adjusted dozens of times.

Product quality audition ~

Pick your desktop partner!


**Hillside Team**

"Happiness is very simple - go out and experience new scenery, hands-on creation of new things."

The hill slope was founded by two Taiwanese young people who grew up with kindergartens. They used the team name “Little Hill,” which was a place of childhood fun, hoping to retain innocence at all times and develop interesting, special and practical products.

**Hillside footprint**
・ Jigsaw Audio has Taiwan's new-style patents and new Chinese patents
・Inspection certification: BSMI, FCC, NCC certification
・Ministry of Culture, Cultural and Creative Star Contest - Technology and Design Group "First Place" and "Best Popularity Award"
・Thanks for TV media interviews and online media coverage


**see more styles, please click here to the Hillside Design House^^:**


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