SIMPLE LIFE LABORATORY Simple Perfume Solid Perfume / Mini Blend Group / The Spring of Women / Be Inspired 2

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SIMPLE LIFE LABORATORY Simple Perfume Solid Perfume / Mini Blend Group / The Spring of Women / Be Inspired 2


"SIMPLE PERFUME Solid Perfume" With "a touch of simple aroma", began a simple life , The base of natural beeswax and plant wax, with essential oils, rather than the general spices No preservatives, no alcohol, simple to use, simple raw materials, life is also simple "Mini x mixed mini blended group" Spring, not just the season, it is all the efforts and machine movement to show the moment We strive to make ourselves a better person, only to create a beautiful spring life. Love, workplace, soul, friendship, wisdom ... all the circumstances, Through the two fragrance, mutual communion, to sense of smell, to create your own spring time "People, why wiping? " Smell, always exist, but often overlooked. Like many good women, while playing a variety of roles at the same time, Easy to forget love, take care of yourself! Brain science tells us that the sense of smell directly linked to the "emotional brain", that is, the edge system, In charge of emotional and emotional awareness! Therefore, we advocate "fragrance, is a low-key expression" Through the fragrance, to accompany these lovely women to explore themselves and live their own! Found life, the original can be very simple! "Why choose solid perfume? " Perfume liquid, making the use of preservatives become inevitable. Plus fragrance fragrance is volatile through the alcohol, easy to be too rich, Remains in the space that has left. Solid perfume (ointment), presented in solid dosage form, without the use of preservatives. And its fragrance is volatile through the body temperature, so that a touch of fragrance, slowly release, So that fragrance to accompany their own, but not too disturbing the beauty of others! Works series: Be Inspired Title Inspiration / Scent: Green Shampoo (4ml) Spice / Scent: Coral Lily + Nine Flower + Jasmine (4ml) Use: Apply to the ear or the inside of the wrist and so on note: 1. non-food, do not eat, and please the product as high as to avoid children eating 2. If the skin red itching suspended 3. With natural beeswax, the color is slightly yellow or oil is normal, please feel free to use 4. Does not contain preservatives, alcohol Shelf life: two years / place a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight Origin: Taiwan