100% cotton 1992 design Tee loose fit / front embroidery / back print / comfortable

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Wearing a loose and comfortable T-shirt reflects a lazy and unrestrained attitude.


100% cotton 1992 design Tee loose fit / front embroidery / back print / comfortable


**essay** <1992 / is the starting point we set on the time map> ▒ It is**1**routes, extending to our time **There are**9**emotions in the process Resist, refuse to change, reject new things. Take it lightly, negating the convenience that is expected. Do you doubt that is really as good as others say? Confused, starting to try and not yet feeling the convenience. Unobtrusive, I found an attractive place! Excited, gradually getting started, with a lot of imagination. Be fascinated and never give up ... Annoyance, deep involvement, and emotional impact. Indifferently, changing habits and adapting to the inconvenience caused by convenience. ▒ Then there are**9**daily behaviors A small window to spend your toilet time Commuting with head down reduces embarrassment of eye contact Lunch is only an accessory product to complement the drama Afternoon tea at the office A meal can be arranged with one finger near work hours The dinner and the atmosphere of joy must be announced to the public Home lying on sofa listening to TV background music Take a cosy hot bath and let it sing along with you Summarize today's events before officially falling asleep Although we talked about the progress of life along the way But we still look back from time to time Look at those moments that are simple, realistic and more touching ▒ So I have**2**mentality at the end Keep moving forward and look forward to the future. Occasionally backward, think back to the past fun. **concept of design** We feel a little bit about the progress of the times. After further investigation, we think that the main reason is that the overall social needs have changed greatly. But does such progress represent more convenience or complexity? **Material Introduction** We are looking for a suitable carrier, it does not need a bright appearance, simple and simple, so it can focus on the details, so we think that a clean and pure white T is the most suitable; and this white T in addition to The main visual pattern is perfectly presented and attracts the attention of everyone. We also look forward to it when it is displayed independently. And a good white tee must be able to solve the problem of "protruding convexity". Most brands on the market will advertise "heavy weight" to increase the pounds and make the clothes stiff, so that the clothes stand upright with the chest. There is more room to improve the convexity problem. Although this solves the bulge, the heavy effect also makes the comfort of the dress somewhat discounted. Especially in summer, the clothes are stiff and awkward, and the fabric will have a rough feeling when rubbing the skin. A better choice? This time, the white tee chose "fish scale cloth", which is a classification of "sweater cotton fabric". This kind of fabric generally has a certain thickness. Although it is thick, it still maintains a fluffy feel, and the breathability is good. "The sweater cloth made is the best in terms of comfort experience, and it will remember this feeling even after skin contact! Sweatshirt is a basic casual style with a single product, so many casual brands will use the product of the sweater category, so this time try to apply the fabric of the sweater to T-shirts, in addition to solving the "protruding" problem and also get rid of the stiff uncomfortable For better results. **Features** 1. Good shape retention and stretchability. 2. Good dyeability, not easy to fade. 3. Soft and smooth feel, good elasticity and comfortable wearing. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49348752828_0def0bf7ea_m.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49348752818_c21b357bc5_m.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49349430177_f23dc6191c_m.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49359891403_ea651fed56_m.jpg **Edition description** Our main appeal for layout settings is to be loose: First of all, the loose version can accommodate different body shapes, and the white T itself is mainly based on simplicity and cleanliness, so basically there will not be too many designs. Sometimes it will look slightly monotonous, but the wide version of the line Visually, it will be richer than the general fit version, because the clothes have a dangling feeling and they will swing from time to time during the walk. Such elegant effects add to the fun of wearing; of course, because the looseness makes the cloth not close to each other It is sweltering and uncomfortable when it touches the skin, but there is more room for the gas to flow significantly, which improves comfort. In addition, some white Ts use a unified and common version in order to conform to the body shape of the public. As a result, white Ts will appear loose to wear, especially at the neckline, because some people have thicker necks and thinner ones, so There must be the largest capacity in the formulation of the version, which is one of the reasons for the brand to consider the cost. Using the public version can save the cost of re-designing the version. But we are very tight in the neckline, and this part is also particularly focused. Of course, we also made the style, which is more suitable for the neckline. This effect is like a "fixing point" on the upper end of the clothes, which is slightly pulled up. Stretching and strengthening the overall structure visually looks "casual" rather than "casual". **Precautions** 1. 100% cotton, so you still need to be careful when using it. 2. The neckline is tight, you need to pay attention to putting on and taking off, especially if you have glasses, you must take off the glasses before putting on and taking off. **Washing instructions** Pure cotton clothes are recommended to be washed by hand. If using a machine for cleaning, it is recommended to put in a laundry bag. The water temperature is recommended to be no more than 40 degrees. Use neutral or alkaline detergent.


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