Bicycle Day | Chai の Matcha Flower Shoes. Festival Gauze. Japan Qinghai wave pattern. Leather insole

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The gold-green matte-colored flower cloth, like the history of Matcha tea, shines in the sun, interspersed with mysterio


hanamikoji handmade shoes

hanamikoji handmade shoes ショップへ

Bicycle Day | Chai の Matcha Flower Shoes. Festival Gauze. Japan Qinghai wave pattern. Leather insole


**◎ 5/11 Announcement: As the 7-11 logistics system notice is abnormal, temporarily close the 7-11 pick-up payment function. If you need to use the guest, please contact the private information directly with the Xiaohua!**
**◎ There is a slight increase in the height of the sole of the bicycle on this day and it is more comfortable to wear!**
**◎ The fabric is randomly cut, and it is not possible to specify the pattern and position of the fabric. (Photos are for reference only)**

**/ 柴の抹茶X Matcha Green Festival Gauze /**

Every time I go to Kyoto, I feel like the best local product is Matcha!

The earliest matcha came from the Tang dynasty to Japan. From the very beginning, it was taken as the general's hangover pharmacy, or an official-defining high-quality product. The general people could not easily drink it. Because the fine and precious green tea powder is taken from spring sprouts, steamed, baked, and crushed into tea leaves, it is then ground into a stone mill and slowly ground into a powder. The fineness is made by hand to dissolve it in the soup. Without being precipitated, it is a green sand, a treasure of time.

The green tea soup has a deep vitality. The green and green tea-colored flower cloth is like the history of Matcha green tea. It shines in the sun and is interspersed with mysterious Shiba Inu, making the ancient capital of the millennia a little more lovely. taste.

**/ Qinghai wave (せいがいは) handle origin /**
Qinghai Boluo "せいがいは" と読み こ こ こ こ の の 柄 発 発 発 は は は.

シルクロ ドを経て ドを経て ドを経て ドを経て ドを経て ドを経て は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は


(taken from: information of the Beijing-Kowloon dyeing store)

**/ Design Concept /**
The most common private transport on the streets of Kyoto is probably a bicycle. No matter whether students or office workers or mothers go to buy food, people in Kyoto often step on bicycles. Even Xiaohua is very skeptical. Every Kyoto person will ride in one hand on a rainy day. Kyoto, which is brisk Kyoto, is a shuttle Kyoto and Kyoto with a little youthfulness. Put on this bike day, no matter where you are, you can ride a bicycle at your own pace to find the daily rhythm of life.

**/ Product design positioning and cleaning maintenance need to know /**

/ Component ID /
Floral cloth + section gauze + rubber outsole

/ Size Chart/
▲This shoe is normal version, please choose according to the size of your usual canvas shoes:)
If you have any questions about size, please feel free to ask for help.

Size 22.5 - Feet Length 22.5cm
Size 23-foot length 23cm
Size 23.5 - Feet Length 23.5cm
Size 24-foot length 24cm
Size 24.5-feet length 24.5cm
Size 25-foot length 25cm
Size 25.5-foot length 25.5cm
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