Dear All florist Japanese-style Note Liansheng Japanese Earth Farm No Withered Flowers New Year Gift Box

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◤Product description Use the leafless wood and pink wood chip roses from the land of Japan The main flower is a delicate red wood chip flower


Dear All florist Japanese-style Note Liansheng Japanese Earth Farm No Withered Flowers New Year Gift Box


◤Product overview • The flower is a natural creature, it will not look exactly the same, it will be placed in its most beautiful posture It won’t appear exactly the same, so please think twice before placing an order. ◤Follow-up maintenance and precautions◢ * The product is subject to the color difference produced by different mobile devices, and the actual product shall prevail. * Dimensions may have errors due to different measurements. 1~2 cm is the normal range. 1. After receiving it, please open it for ventilation. 2. For storage or placement, please place it in a well-ventilated place that is not exposed to sunlight to avoid rapid fading of dry flowers. • If it rains continuously or the weather is humid, place it next to the dehumidifier to remove it • If it is unlucky, you can spray a small area with 75% alcohol and use a cotton swab to remove the mildew If the mold is serious, it is recommended to remove the flowers to avoid affecting other flowers. 3. After a long time, if there is dust, please wipe it gently with a brush. 4. The best viewing period for most dried flowers/immortal flowers is 1 to 2 years. It is normal that the color will change over time. 5. Dry flowers/immortal flowers are fragile. It is normal that a small amount of flowers will fall off occasionally during delivery or collision. 6. The flowers are also imported and made according to the season. If you encounter shortage or the quality of the flowers is not good, please let Dear All match the suitable flowers, but the overall shape will not be changed and we will not notify you separately , Please consider carefully before buying. ◤Send◢ ◆In response to environmental protection, Dear All is sent in recycled cartons Shipping packaging puts safety first However, it is inevitable that some micro-materials will drop during the transportation of natural materials, which are all within the normal range. ◆Choose a supermarket to pick up and deliver the goods within 48 hours, and the chances of damage to the work are greater. Please consider whether to use a supermarket to pick up the goods. If the received work is damaged, the buyer will bear it. ● Shipping costs are estimated shipping costs, and the actual price is the amount at the time of shipment. Placing an order means agreeing to the designer’s set of freight charges. If you cannot agree, please do not place an order. ◤Remarks and after-sales processing◢ 1. If you have any questions, please click to contact the designer and we will reply as soon as possible. 2. Please read the above information carefully before placing an order. Placing an order also means acceptance and agreement. The works are all hand-made. Refunds and returns due to personal factors (not in line with expectations, out of size... etc.) will not be accepted for sending and selling. Bring flowers into daily life If you like Dear All's work Please give five stars for encouragement Any suggestions are also appreciated


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