Little Kite-Dreamcatcher-Orange 7.5 cm

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Finished product size: love 7.5 * 6.5 cm-total length is about 28 to 32 cm.



Little Kite-Dreamcatcher-Orange 7.5 cm


▲▲ Product description: Little Kite-Heart Catcher Dream Catcher-Orange 7.5 cm ▲▲ Legend of Dream Catcher: Bring this ornament in Indian legends to prevent evil spirits from invading in your sleep. This rich aboriginal ornament is called "Dream Catcher", It is used to hang on the bed, it will catch dreams, but only keeps nightmares, good dreams flow back to the dreamer; When the sun rises, the nightmare in the net will burn to embers and disappear. Dreamcatcher has the meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck, and can drive away nightmares and make people sleep. @Finished product size: Love 7.5 * 6.5 cm-total length is about 28 to 32 cm. @ 线材 配件 -Use Taiwan hemp rope. Taiwan nylon thread. Accessories. Feathers. Beads. @Quantity unit -1. Price 250 yuan @Each one is handmade. There will be slight differences in the editing position! The feather size is naturally dyed, so the size and appearance will be different. @ 前 前-If you have any questions, please click on the contact designer to ask! Thank you !! @The same reply to the order question: 8pm to 10pm. @Computer color may vary slightly. The product is subject to the actual product. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲▲ Freight (post office): * Saturday. Most post offices are closed on Sundays-small kites Saturday. It is not possible to send goods on Sundays. * General parcel registration-post office-**((cannot be delivered at specified time))**. * The package will be received about 2-4 days after it is sent-it depends on the situation of each post office-please note. * When the post office delivers-if no one receives the package-the buyer is required to bring the ID card and seal to the post office to pick up the package by themselves. * If you are not at home or it is not convenient to send the package to your home-Little Kite will recommend the buyer to choose a family-wide supermarket (store to store to pick up). ▲▲ Freight (Family Superstore-Store to Store): * It will arrive at the designated supermarket about 2 days after it is sent. (Excluding-supermarket is not open for 24 hours-it will take longer) * There will be a pick-up notification newsletter-please the buyer (I) bring your ID card and tell the super store clerk your name. Be sure to pick up the product within 6 days. * If the package has not been picked up after the time has passed, the supermarket will return the product to the little kite. The buyer has to "re" pay the second shipping fee of 60 yuan. (If you want to go abroad or travel and other factors-just miss 6 days to pick up the goods. Please leave a message to tell the kite-the product will be postponed) ▲ Pick up at the store-means payment has been made-go to the supermarket to pick up) **(((((((((((((((((((((((Cash on delivery)))))))))))))** ▲▲ Freight. To Hong Kong. Macau. Mainland China. Please select Pinkoi International Transshipment Center (Do not choose to mail. Mail refers to the main island of Taiwan) manual: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲▲ Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan MIT / Handmade kite ▲▲ The most frequently delayed parcel status: 1.Family/Management Office Building / Neighbor has signed for it. 2. Schools, hospitals, large business units, receiving and dispatching rooms have been sealed and received parcels in the letter warehouse. 3. Remote mountainous areas. Taitung. Penghu. Mazu. Kinmen. (Wait for 4-6 days) (Little kite is more worried than you did not get the package) ▲▲ After receiving the product: If the product is sent in the wrong color. The product is seriously damaged during shipping. Please inform the little kite. We will try to deal with it. If there is no communication, give a negative review directly. Little kite will cry (; _;)


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