Little Fox 2018 calendar - small stationery

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● Dimanche X Hello Studio 2018 Aging Regression in the Logbook ● Author: Reiko pull the base ● Size: 18.7 x 13 x 1.2 cm



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Little Fox 2018 calendar - small stationery


● Dimanche X Hello Studio 2018 Aging Regression in the Logbook
● Author: Reiko pull the base
● Size: 18.7 x 13 x 1.2 cm (about B6 size)
● Material: Cover - with a special color macaron paper / page - 80g pen special paper
● Binding method: Butterfly page can be "completely" flattened! Cover thickness is also greatly enhanced
● with a dedicated PVC jacket (with pen holder)
● gift! Small fox diary │ and paper cutting type stickers, transparent pad
● Timeliness Calendar / Diary / Booklet 2018

2017 Hello Studio starts production of our first book in our life
A year of personal use and integrated feedback from many users experience
Become the best nutrition for creating "Little Fox 2018 Calendar"

Cover a comprehensive upgrade of materials, imports of rare macarons in Taiwan,
Little fox favorite stationery is working hard,
Secretly tell you ... Have found a small fox who put stationery who word?
There are positive on the back of a positive small clan cute daydreaming lazy fox
Macaron paper itself has a touch of color dots, like to shed the joy of colored crumbs
Let's see it when we pick it
Saturation with a small fox style is very match, and each of the color scraps will be irregular changes
Each one is unique

Use butterfly page binding method
Let this handbook cover thickening looks super Ying Ting (?), Do not worry will be compromised
And can make the account completely flat writing, flattening the moment super-pressure relief
You can not come back after using it!
After opening, you can still see the traces of the fox ~
Still attached with a dedicated PVC jacket, you can rest assured that the use of a year Hello!
This year, the cover will remain transparent and glossy, and the inside will be changed to matte and give a pen home ~

Inside pages include:
Welcome Page ................ 1P
Year Plan ............................ 2P
Month Plan ............................ 24P
Week plan ............................ 106P
Special Addendum .......................... 22P
Personal information ......................... 1P
Before and after the title page ......................... 4P
Total 160 pages
Give away! Transparent pad 1 + small fox stickers 1

Twelve pages across the page plus two weeks a week plan, is the easiest-to-use log format

Left page Week plan with the right page FreeNote, illustration size with the amount of one side also face a number of proofreading adjustments, not much
I believe that any user can freely record beautiful world.
Every page has a lovely fox!

In addition to the vivid illustrations of little foxes inside the page, the special acclaimed last year was even more indispensable:

Foot dedicated Taiwan map
Lei base drawn personally drawn around the world map
Hello studio strong push! Little fox constellation 12
And other useful little fox appendix

There are two models in this series to choose from

Are presented transparent pad + small fox practical stickers!

Another style! Forest Adventure Go:

Little fox stickers enough! Single Buy Portal:
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan


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