Easy cool / Macbook Cooling Stand - Plateau Yellow

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The new easy revision of easy cool, through the craftsmanship of the fine spaces, conveys the designer's persistence in aesthetics and practicality. Through the quintessence of creative creation and complicated process application, it is expected that



Easy cool / Macbook Cooling Stand - Plateau Yellow


This product has won the Taiwan Golden Point Design Award. Taiwan's original design brand n.max.n designer Neo is planning and developing, using different textures of leather and material mix and match creation, light and stylish appearance and practical functions. https://c4.staticflickr.com/9/8058/28577319763_2d83af6c51_b.jpg Easy Cool creates a sophisticated and stylish design with leather-edged decorative lines, antique copper metal fasteners, and LOGO branding. 1. The design of the Easy Cool mechanism is patented and the design principle is increased by several times in the heat convection area. 2. No need to repeat the disassembly and installation, only need to be installed once to continue to use. 3. Ultra-thin design and attached to the notebook, saving storage space. 4. Easily open with the pen to create an arbitrary 0 degree ~ 4 degree ergonomic angle, providing unprecedented ergonomic comfort when typing. 5. User-friendly intuitive design, the user can adjust the screen to the most appropriate keyboard tilt angle. 6. No additional energy is consumed during use. https://c5.staticflickr.com/9/8129/28575277444_fbf99f2580_b.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/9/8286/28577319073_b82193459f_b.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/9/8429/29197601785_b434eee094_b.jpg ■ Product specifications * Product Name: Easy cool / Macbook with cooling bracket * Size: approx. 21.5 x 6.7 x 2.5 cm * Color: Plateau Yellow * Material: Sheepskin / Microfiber Leather * Applicable models: 2015Macbook 12", Macbook Air 11" - 13", Macbook Pro Ritina 13" ■ Need to know the use of leather * Contains natural lines (that is, scars caused by animal growth, scars caused by mosquito bites, etc.). * When there is stain on the leather surface, wipe it with a soft dry cloth or gently with an eraser. * After being drenched by rain or the like, immediately wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth and dry it. * When storing this product, please keep it in a cool and ventilated place. Daily maintenance can prevent mold spots by dry rubbing. ■ Warranty 1. The sewing warranty, oil edge and other products are subject to a new warranty period of one month. 2. If damage occurs under normal use and it is judged to be a quality problem, a warranty period of six months from the date of purchase will be provided. 3. If the product contains a plastic shell, the plastic shell is guaranteed for six months and is free to update free of charge within six months. 4. The product has been returned to the repairer for more than six months from the date of purchase. The repair fee of 300-600 NTD is subject to the discretion. The company reserves the right to provide repair services. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese design, made in China


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