American Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition-Emoji Blue Insulation Meal

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US patent, horizontal, lightweight, childlike bags ★ Super function: a variety of practical and intimate designs ★ Super cute childlike: the most lovely design with a complete set of backpacks ★ Fashion: the most popular colors and coolest printing


American Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition-Emoji Blue Insulation Meal


**American Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition-Emoji Blue Insulation Meal** **【Brand Story】** Founded in San Francisco, USA in 2011, Luis Manuel Garcia, the founder and CEO of the brand, was originally a designer of well-known boutique fragrance and makeup brands. He has visited some third world countries. During his five-month journey, Luis experienced many disadvantaged poverty. It is difficult for a child to satisfy even the most basic needs. He has also experienced for himself how excited the children in the kindergarten who received the pencil. After returning to San Francisco, Luis decided on his next career aspirations, using his best 'S product design, in collaboration with Kalon Gutierrez, designed a series of children's bags that combine light weight, function and fashion, creating Bixbee! __Bixbee is a B-Corp certified company__ B Corps refers to a for-profit enterprise certified by the international non-profit organization B Lab. The enterprise has passed strict inspection standards. The main reason is that the enterprise must bear considerable responsibility for social culture and environmental protection. The company’s operations must be open and transparent to the public. attitude. **[Brand Video]** **【Brand Mission】** "One Here. One There®" The "One Bag, One Hope" project started simultaneously with the creation of the Bixbee brand. For every bag purchased, Bixbee will donate a backpack full of stationery to a vulnerable child , So that every child has the opportunity to be educated! Bixbee hopes to bring safe, comfortable and childlike bags to most happy children, but also bring the possibility of change for children who may not have the same luck! I also hope everyone can "buzz" together to join this dream come true project! **【feature of product】** ★Super lightweight Using 600 Dan water-repellent nylon cloth, the backpack weighs less than 600 grams ★Super function 1. U.S. patented horizontal backpack with a bag back above the waistline to reduce the burden on the spine 2. Mesh breathable pressure-relief back cushions and straps, medium-sized and above bags with chest buckle design 3. The opening of the horizontal backpack is large, which is convenient for storing objects 4. Mid-size and above packages have flat and laptop protection mezzanine design 5. Strengthen the bottom design, increase weight resistance and durability 6. Reflective stickers are designed on the front and back to enhance safety at night 7. Double inner bag, zipper bag, devil stained outer bag, retractable bilateral bag multiple storage ★Age size According to needs and height, provide different sizes and functional styles Small preschool (leisure): Feifei childlike, 3D animal childlike series Medium-sized post-school age (schooling & leisure): Flash series, color printing series, classic series **【design feature】** ★Super cute childlike 1. American patent wings design backpack 2. Feifei childlike series exclusive three-section LED lamp wings design 3. The most popular animal personality series backpack ★Fashion 1. The most eye-catching colors and bright materials 2. A cute little charm designed to match the bag 3. The most popular color matching and the coolest printing ★Unique brand design 1. Eye-catching design of Bixbee brand Logo color matching 2. Bixbee honeycomb handle grip **[Safety certification]** All products are tested without BPA, PVC, environmental hormones Phthalates (Phthalates), Lead-free (Lead-free), and meet the standards of CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) US Consumer Product Protection Act Above, the test standards are based on: ASTM F963-07 (American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials) F963-07 specification of American Society of Materials and Testing **【Awards】** ★Winner of the National Parenting Center seal National Family Education Center Award Certification ★Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal American PTPA Association Award Certification **[Safety points for backpack use]** The American Chiropractic (ACA) Association provides the following recommendations: 1. The weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight: In order to support an overweight backpack, the child may not use the straps and shoulders to carry the weight, and the body may bend forward, causing the back of the spine to support the weight 2. The bottom of the backpack should not be lower than 10 cm above the waist: a backpack with too low a back will cause the child to lean forward and affect development. 3. The bag is designed with multiple storage compartments to disperse the weight properly: it is recommended to use sharp or bulky items, and do not place them directly near the back. 4. A backpack with more space is not necessarily better: that means that children may hold more and heavier items and carry more heavy items! 5. Be sure to have a backpack for children: a single shoulder will cause uneven weight bearing, causing cramps or injuries to the neck and surrounding muscles, and may also cause low back pain. 6. It is important to widen and thicken the straps: straps without thickening pads are not only uncomfortable, but also may improperly press the shoulders of children. 7. The strap must be able to adjust the length according to the shape of the child: in addition to being too loose, the strap can easily cause the backpack to hang, and the uncomfortable back can also cause the child's spine development to be asymmetric and painful. 8. Be sure to reduce the weight of the child's backpack. Items and books that can be left in the school, do not take them home, and vice versa. 9. The American Chiropractic Association recommends that children do not use wheeled trolley bags at school, unless some children have special conditions and cannot use backpacks. Some schools in the United States even prohibit the use of trolleys because of safety concerns. Backpacks are prone to slipping accidents due to pushing in limited space. **【Origin/Manufacturing Method】** Designed in San Francisco, USA, and manufactured by China's authorized factory


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