tassel. Fluttering short version of natural deep purple amethyst hand made earrings ear clip ear clip

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Natural deep purple amethyst, with fluttering tassel style, highlights your charm ♥



tassel. Fluttering short version of natural deep purple amethyst hand made earrings ear clip ear clip


The whispering about Amethyst: It is the crystal that brings wisdom and wealth, and it corresponds to the eyebrows of the eyebrows. It can calm the soul, the wealth, and the nobles. ♥♥♥ The picture is for reference only, the tassel material will have the normal phenomenon of falling hair. Due to the hand-made, different crystal size and texture, it may be different from the picture. I don't mind ordering again. [Material] Brass ear hooks, wool yarn tassels, natural deep purple amethyst Brass ear clips (with anti-pain cushion), wool yarn tassels, natural deep purple amethyst 【size】 With ear hooks about 8.5 cm With ear clips approx. 8 cm [Quantity / Packaging] One pair (excluding photo props) / individual packaging ═══ Notes ═══ ✔Handmade jewelry Due to personal hygiene problems, personal magnetic field, hand-made, custom factors, all the jewelry sold will not be accepted for return, you can ask clearly before buying. I will compare my heart. After all, everyone's energy magnetic field is different. I believe that you are certainly not willing to receive the natural stone that others have worn. Every natural stone has been formed for thousands of years. After many winds and frosts come to us, it has the characteristics of natural cloud, ice crack, cotton wool, impurities, black spots, mineral marks and feather cracks. Therefore, the texture of each natural stone It’s all different, it’s the unique charm! Do not buy high standards or perfectionists, thank you. ✔Handmade works have traces of production, high standards or perfectionists do not buy, thank you. ✔ Depending on the light, the display, etc., it is inevitable that there will be color difference. If you don't mind, please don't buy it. ═══════════════ [Use and maintenance] Natural stone is not recommended to wear a bath, contact with high temperature, chemicals! If you have time, you can go to the temple to increase your spirituality! Please avoid friction and pull hard. Please avoid other chemicals such as bleach, perfume, and hot springs. Keep dry and undressed, dry and store in a zipper bag to isolate the air to extend the life of the product. After the brass is worn, it is oxidized by air, the color will become darker and it will be classically beautiful. It can be restored by wiping with a silver cloth. Crystal is not recommended to wear bathing, contact with cosmetics or chemicals, do not wear when intimate, or avoid wearing in places with heavy yin, because crystal will absorb energy, these behaviors will easily affect the crystal magnetic field, let the crystal Absorbed bad energy. Crystal is best not to sleep. Because crystal absorbs negative energy during the day, it takes time to recover. Therefore, it is best to degauss the crystal when sleeping. The crystal and white crystal can be degaussed together to let the crystal rest. [stocking / shipping] This product is in stock + custom. The spot is sent within 3 days. If there is no spot, you need to order 7 working days. If it is unable to ship due to other factors, it will be notified separately. [Place of Origin / Manufacturing Method] Taiwan Tainan / handmade ➡︎ tassels. Fluttering long version of natural dark amethyst hand made earrings https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SecBVVLQ ➡︎ tassels. Fluttering short version of natural light amethyst hand made earrings https://www.pinkoi.com/product/8nAB7WLf


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