Gentle Mountain - Large White Canvas Backpack

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►Because the goods are made to order, and the size chart is marked on the page, so non-significant is not available for return - please dear everyone to confirm the size and details of the product and then purchase! If you have any questions, you can also


Gentle Mountain - Large White Canvas Backpack

商品説明 ▲ ☜ Click for details The original price is 680 yuan, two-in-one discount 1330 free shipping :) When placing an order, please be sure to provide the package number and name in the order note. Ink can arrange production and shipment as soon as possible ^____^ Thanks to the ink children for their support for thick-cut pins~ From now on, the entire museum will spend 1480 yuan, which will automatically give a small animal thick cut pin (original price 98 yuan)! Styles are optional, no remarks are shipped randomly ~ thick cut pins are made of acrylic, waterproof and good texture, don't be decorated on canvas, pants, hats and other thick fabrics! ▲ design concept: Dedicated to -- No matter how much storm-level adversity you encounter, Always keep your gentle mountain. ▲ "gentle mountain - big white rucksack" The biggest advantage of this bag is that it is thin, portable and heavy. At present, the package is also a finished product that has been improved many times after adopting the customer's suggestion. In order to not burden the load, the package is made with the most streamlined cut. The fabric is made from a selection of high-density canvas. Many students often buy books and even laptops. The weight and practicality are the main reasons for everyone to buy back:) ▲ delicate embroidery ~ two-color gentle mountain :) ▲ double zipper, it is convenient to pull from left to right :) The square hole design can also hang something you like~ ▲The front pocket of the capacity is not small~ ▲Strengthened protective contrast straps~ The strap is thickened to strengthen the protection. Can be loaded with a certain weight ~ (But don't always carry heavy weights~ this will also reduce the life of the bag:) ▲ thicker material back up the shoulder is very comfortable ~ no pressure :) ▲ There are one big two small sandwich bags, small layers can be divided into small things~ The large layer of 14-inch notebooks are loaded:) ▲The buckle has been improved and replaced with the new Chuanzi buckle! Can adjust the length according to personal preference ~ high, short, thin and thin, no limit ^____ ▲design by MoreMoreToe ▲MoreMoreToe exclusive leather label :) ▲ can't help but look at it again>///< ▲Each bag has exclusive dust bag collection~ The warmth of the ink packaging by Moo is passed to everyone :) ▲Mer's work behind the scenes ~ full of colorful lines of workbench :) ▲Free lime biscuit sticker (remembrance day gift) and birthday cream elevator (birthday gift)! The small card will be hung on the tag~ After the friend who needs the order, please note it to the ink:) ▲ Another color: ☜ Click for details **►Size size ‧ unit cm** **长╱40** **╱30** **Thick ╱13** **Fixed wide strap length ╱ 35 (adjustable strap length 55)** **Strap width ╱7** **Mezzanine outer bag X1+ inner bag X3** **Material ╱ canvas** **►Can be installed with A4 and 14吋** **Travel Diary of Dashan and Xiaoshu ✍ 2015.6.30** ✎10:20 I don't want to be crowded, I don't want the hot sun, I don't want to be sweaty, boys and girls arrive at their destination two hours earlier than before. "! I haven’t traveled so relaxed for a long time!" the girl said excitedly. ✎10:31 The boy took the initiative to shyly invite the girl to take a photo, but the angle of the old bridge was not good. The two laughed several times for this cute little defeat. ✎11:03 The girl looked quietly, took a deep breath, exhaled, and enjoyed the cool and cool Fendo. ✎11:09 The boy sits, exhales, takes a deep breath, and intoxicates the warm and hot daylight. Proverbs 11:18 The girl fired a shot behind the boy, and the boy was unaware. However, the girl does not intend to speak out, because she enjoys this small world that has not been discovered and then laughs. ✎11:23 The sweat drenched, and the clothes were re-started, and the two continued to move high. "From different angles, there will be different attitudes." ✎11:27 The boy found a near perfect perspective. "It’s great to see it from here!" The two men sniffed the hot sulphur and the shutters were so excited. ✎12:15 Boys and girls specially hired a new backpack for this small trip. I really like it and like it. It is easy to accompany and commemorate. ✎12:37 "Slow down! The slope here is a little sloppy!" The boy gentleman helped the girl. He is like a gentle mountain that protects her. ✎12:48 There is a red plastic flower on the girl's foot, trying to balance the flower on the toes. The boy smiled beside: No one in this era loved to take photos with fake flowers. ✎14:25 Two people danced indifferently to the next destination. The girl was joking with the boy's old face and couldn't open it. Every position didn't change much. ✎17:08 It’s coming to an end, this wet and hot journey. The boy just smiled and looked at the girl tenderly. "Go! Go home." "Good! But... what to eat for dinner?" Still cautious and still innocent, perhaps this contradictory and non-conflicting trait, let the boy and girl be together for the fifth year (laugh ). ✎ Girl handwritten diary: short and powerful two lines of words. **Travel Diary of Dashan and Xiaoshu - End -** **►Because this time I encountered many similar situations,** **So be sure to understand the following before buying:)** Every hand is different. Has a handmade feel temperature, Small thread head | small ink stains | hand stitching | small 歪歪 | small misplacement All are hand-made goods normal phenomenon :) Friends who will mind, or have higher standards, please do not reluctantly buy! ! ! Commodity price to take the affinity route, please do not compare with the quality of the counter, Otherwise, it will really cause misunderstanding and great trouble to each other~ Thank you for your thoughtful understanding~ Ink also tried to make the product perfect:) ►All items are exclusive and limited. It means that “Sold Out” is not on the shelf or is out of print 噜 :) ►The color of the product will be slightly darker due to certain factors such as lighting or screen! Ink will try to adjust the color difference. ►Dark canvas or clothing will be faded. For the first time, it is recommended to soak it in diluted white vinegar for about two hours to prevent fading. When using it, please keep it dry and do not rain. The life can be maintained for a long time :) ►Hand-printed products are recommended to be gently hand-washed. Please do not use hot water or a brush to vigorously rub it. You can soak the cold wash (do not use the "strong decontamination" lotion) and turn the clothes or bags over the back. Open the pattern and gently lick it :) ►Canvas backpack can be put into the washing machine to wash the laundry bag. After washing, be sure to rinse it with water. Otherwise, it may appear after drying. After gently squeezing the water, turn it over and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally. Do not expose it to the sun directly. ►Because the goods are made to order, and the size chart is marked on the page, so non-significant is not available for return - please dear everyone to confirm the size and details of the product and then purchase! If you have any questions, you can also ask Moore to be happy to answer your questions :) ►If you receive a serious defective product, please call us at Moer ~ Moh will help you to handle it for free~ Please rest assured:) If you don't have any communication, you will directly give a negative comment, and Moh will be very sad (;_ ;) ►Overseas international parcels only provide "mailing", no "Shunfeng" is sent, please remember to ask when ordering, so as not to send errors! If the address is provided incorrectly, you will have to pay extra for it, so be sure to pay more attention to it :)


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