Soft water cotton pocket skirt

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For cotton contact, I want to make clothes and cloths for cotton in these five or six years. Become more sensitive to ac


Soft water cotton pocket skirt


For cotton contact,
I want to make clothes and cloths for cotton in these five or six years.
Become more sensitive to actual contact and use
Like to explore development fabrics,
Let the products they produce replace the ideal living conditions.
I have been wondering about the cotton cloth that I bought in Chiang Mai before.
There are some hand-made fabrics sold at the hotel.
I'm always depressed about fabric-sensitive textures that I can't find in this texture.
Whether it is comfort, durability, or texture,
In the clothes and vests made of cloth purchased at that time,
I am wearing my clothes carefully.
Deeply afraid that day was worn out.
With cloth dealers, they discussed together last year whether it is possible to make cotton fabrics with similar textures.
Soft feel, fine texture,
Lighter weight than cotton linen
Waited for a long time,
The mood of getting the first color of the two samples was really exciting these days.
I love this texture,
The cotton fabrics that I cherish with my heart are completely harmless.

One yard is only more than 100 grams of weight,
Thin but impervious to this piece of cloth is one of the choices for making spring and summer clothes.
It is not only natural weaving.
Different from the general basic weaving method of cotton cloth,
After weaving fabrics, the steps and arrangement are designed.
After the water is washed and treated, the pattern appears different strength.
Make the clothes you wear more natural and comfortable.

I finally realized that I really felt cool in my original dress.
Although he is like a boy, he rarely puts on a skirt.
Even if you wear it, it's the length of the calf.
Also take care of guests who like beach skirts.
Soft, soft cotton cloth makes a large amount of skirts.
It has the same but not heavy effect.
Of course, if you don’t like your appearance,
You can also provide the width of the message you want to create for designers to discuss together!

Customize other colors please note!

Size: waist elastic band production, a circle of about 68~70cm
Try to open approximately 27 to 35 inches waistline, if you are not in this range you can tell the message to help you make the elastic band (please provide the designer wearing a comfortable elastic band pants flat weight)

Skirt length about 70cm

[Material]: 100% cotton fabric (more wash program, making the material soft and skin-friendly)
Taiwan's dyeing fabrics in the ground have been reduced in size after the water has been discharged and the shrinkage has been reduced.
* Inevitably chromatic aberration is displayed on each computer screen*

【Usage and maintenance methods】: Cold water hand wash, if there is no dirty perspiration, use a little detergent to wash it within 30 minutes, because there is no chemical fixative, the first few washings need to be light-colored clothes. separate.

[Designer and Brand Introduction]
Over thirty years of living in Taipei,
Sensitivity of fashion began to come into contact with elementary schools.
The dream of that time was to be a fashion designer.
The result went against statistical mathematics in the face of their own ideals.

In 2013, he resigned from his stable job and followed him back to his hometown of Ilan,
I regained my passion for dress and sewing.
In the semi-self-study situation, I fell and bumped and groped myself.
Sewing skills are far less than those who graduated from junior colleges.
However, it is my dedication to the selection of the popular sensitivity and the cloth fabric.

I hope with a simple design,
Bring the most natural and comfortable clothes to everyone.


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