[Taste of life] Goodmans Ealing Turntable British suitcase vinyl record player

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-33, 45, 78 RPM speed -Auto stop playback mode -4 hours or more play time -Export vinyl records to PC or MAC -Diamond stylus and exclusive protective cover -Built-in lithium battery can be recharged -Built-in phono stereo speakers -3.5 mm standard audio input hole

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[Taste of life] Goodmans Ealing Turntable British suitcase vinyl record player


https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/1.jpg Goodmans, a major audio manufacturer from the UK Since 1923, it has been trying to integrate entertainment technology into the lives of the people. Over the past few decades, Goodmans has continued to develop interesting products. From car stereos to digital TVs, Goodmans has always upheld the spirit of allowing everyone to enjoy innovative products. Now, Goodmans implements this spirit on more products that are both beautiful and practical. Through approachable technology and unique styles, it enriches the fun of life and enhances the taste of home. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/2.jpg Classic vinyl listening memories Ealing vinyl record player, elegant appearance, both fashion and design, incorporating classic leather elements, reflecting modern metal texture, perfect details, and visual enjoyment. Open the lid, put a vinyl record gently, the concentric circles are spinning under the stylus, the warm singing voice covers both ears, and the charming singing voice makes people intoxicated. For the time being, let the memories flow. At this moment, I just want to savor and collect the beautiful times in my heart. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/3.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/4.jpg Suitcase shape is a good companion for travel Ealing clamshell vinyl record player, closed and turned into a mini suitcase. Put it at home, let your thoughts immerse yourself in the joyful imagination of traveling; carry it out to double your ears to collect exotic scenery. Small and exquisite Ealing, dress up notes and carry memories. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/5.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/6.jpg Built-in lithium battery can listen anywhere Ealing has a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged. Whether you are walking in the park, chatting in the garden, or traveling with friends, you don’t have to worry about not having an outlet when you bring Ealing. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/7.jpg Focus on details and strive for perfection The Ealing shell is soft, smooth to the touch like leather, yet tough and durable. The connection is made of metal, rose inlaid with ivory white, like a jewelry box, noble and elegant; champagne gold embellished with gentleman black, like a watch ornament, restrained and domineering. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/8.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/9.jpg Dump MP3 to reproduce warm sound Through the latest technology, connect Ealing to the computer, with the attached cable and software, and the music from vinyl records can be converted to MP3 music format. The sound quality is preserved intact, and memories can be easily accessed. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/10.jpg Stereo speakers sound pure Ealing has built-in stereo speakers, which can be played by putting on vinyl records. It saves the trouble of external speakers for traditional vinyl record players, simplifies tedious steps, and makes intuitive operation easier. Ealing also satisfies both ears who are looking for sound quality, so it comes with cables, allowing you to connect speakers and amplifiers to enhance the sound and add shock. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/11.jpg **Because the vinyl record player uses the stylus out of the box, it will be worn out. If it is opened, it is deemed to be used and cannot be returned.** **Please pay attention and consider carefully when unpacking after purchase, please forgive me** https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/12.jpg Headphones enjoy mobile phone sharing Ealing is equipped with a 3.5mm standard audio output hole, plug in headphones, you can listen to the charm of vinyl; Ealing has a built-in audio input hole, which can be connected to a mobile phone, and it can also play music in the machine. When you are alone, spend a pleasant afternoon, and share the joy with your friends. https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/13.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/14.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/15.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/16.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/17.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/18.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/19.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/20.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/21.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/22.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/23.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/24.jpg https://www.shinygoods.com.tw/product/goodmans/25.jpg Product specifications Size: 380x150x350mm (including outer box) Weight: 3.033kg (including outer box) Product size: 350x105x255mm Product weight: 2.445kg made in China Commodity equipment •Ealing vinyl record player x1 •Quick User Manual x1 •Power cord x1 •USB cable •RCA line Remarks: Because the vinyl record player uses the stylus out of the box, it will be worn out. If it is opened, it is deemed to be used and cannot be returned. Please pay attention and consider carefully when unpacking after purchase, please forgive me


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