US Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition - colorful emoticons meal purple insulation bags

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US Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition - colorful emoticons meal purple insulation bags


**US Bixbee Amazon Limited Edition - colorful emoticons meal purple insulation bags** **[Brand Story]** Founded in San Francisco in 2011, the brand founder and CEO Luis Manuel Garcia was originally a well-known fine fragrance, make-up designer brands, he had access to a number of Third World countries, a five-month journey through many vulnerable poor Luis even the most basic needs of children are difficult to be met, he felt personally received pencil preschool children how excited and then back to San Francisco, Luis decides his next life Chi, using his best product design, in cooperation with the Kalon Gutierrez, a series combination of lightweight design, function and fashion bags for children, creating a Bixbee! __Bixbee B-Corp is certified company__ B Corps is defined by the international non-profit organization B Lab certified profit of the enterprise through a rigorous review standards, mainly cultural and social enterprises must take considerable responsibility for environmental protection, while business must be open and transparent public attitude. **[Video] brand** **[Brand] mission** Children "One Here. One There®" "a bag, a hope" plan launched simultaneously with Bixbee brand was founded, every purchase of a bag, Bixbee will donate a backpack filled with stationery to a weaker so that each child has the opportunity to education! Bixbee hopes to bring the majority of happy children safe, comfortable and fun bags, but also may not be as lucky as children, may bring about change! I hope everyone can "buzz" to join this dream come true Hope! **【feature of product】** ★ ultralight 600 Dan using water repellent nylon, backpack weighs less than 600 grams ★ super performance 1. U.S. Patent horizontal backpack, waist bag back at least to reduce the burden on the spine 2. breathable mesh back pad and strap diastolic pressure, medium-sized package shall have chest buckle design 3. Horizontal backpack large opening for easy placement extract 4. The medium-sized bag and notebook models with a flat sandwich design protection 5. strengthen the bottom designed to increase the weight resistance and durability 6. The front and rear have reflective stickers designed to enhance safety at night 7. double inside the bag, zipper bags outside the bag devil stick, telescopic bilateral multiple storage bags ★ Age Size On demand and height, of different sizes and styles of performance Small preschool (Leisure): Feifei playful, 3D animal playful series After medium school age (school and leisure): Flash mining series, color series, classic series **[Design Features]** ★ Super Meng playful 1. U.S. Patent wings design backpack 2. Feifei playful series of exclusive three-stage LED light wings design 3. The most popular animal personality Backpack ★ fashion 1. The most compelling colors and materials Xuanliang 2. Design with cute little package shall Charm 3. The most popular and coolest color printing ★ unique brand design 1. Bixbee brand Logo color eye-catching design 2. Bixbee Hive grip tab **[Certification] peace of mind** All products are tested without BPA, No PVC, no environmental hormone Phthalates (phthalate), lead (Lead-free), and standard CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) US Consumer Product Protection Act requirements above, the test criteria based on: ASTM F963-07 (American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials) F963-07 specification of the American Society for Testing Materials **[Awards]** ★ Winner of the National Parenting Center seal National Family Parenting Center awards certification ★ Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal American Association awards certification PTPA **[Backpack safety tips]** American Chiropractic (ACA) Association offers the following recommendations: 1. The maximum weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of a child: To support heavy backpacks, the children could not use the shoulder strap and the weight to give the body bending forward, causing the spine with the weight of the back support 2. The bottom of the backpack should not be more than 10 centimeters below the waist: low back backpack expose children leaned forward and Development. 3. The bag has multiple storage compartment bag design can be appropriately dispersed Weight: recommend more pointed or relatively heavy objects, rather than directly on the back near the location. 4. Space larger backpack is not necessarily good: It means the children will be more likely to hold more heavy items back heavier! 5. Be sure to kids backpack bag: single shoulder will not load average, causing the muscles around the neck and cramps or injury, may also lead to low back pain. 6. Widening thicker strap is very important: no pillowtop strap in addition to discomfort, are more likely to be inappropriate oppress children's shoulders. 7. The strap must be able to adjust the length of the stature with the children: too loose backpack straps in addition to drape easy to make, back discomfort, children are more likely to cause pain and spine development asymmetry. 8. Be sure to try to alleviate the weight of the child's backpack, items can remain in school books, do not take home, and vice versa. 9. The American Chiropractic Association recommends that children do not use the wheeled trolley bag style in school, unless there are special circumstances students can not use the backpack, the United States and even some schools because of security concerns, a comprehensive ban on the use, because the rod backpack easily pushed over because space is limited harm caused by slipping accidents. **[Origin / manufacturing methods]** San Francisco design, China and our manufacturing plant


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