2020 Christmas Carnival 9 pieces mini cup cake exquisite gift box set

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A must-have for exchanging gifts for Christmas, exquisite and cute, absolutely admiring


30g x 9


2020 Christmas Carnival 9 pieces mini cup cake exquisite gift box set


[Please pay attention to the Christmas order and arrival status] During the Christmas period, the traffic volume of the black cat will increase, so it is recommended that you pick up the goods at least one to three days in advance to avoid missing important moments. When the traffic volume is large, the black cat cannot guarantee the arrival the next day! If your delivery location is located in the Greater Taipei area, it is strongly recommended to choose the locomotive express "available on the same day"! There will be a dedicated driver for special delivery. If you are not sure whether the location can be delivered, you can ask first! Thank you! *This model can provide frozen home delivery* https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5763/20586632672_e604ba52b3_z.jpg We uphold the spirit of traditional European-style desserts, and use complicated processes to combine the most top-notch and natural ingredients Infuse solid dessert kung fu, make desserts with deep emotions The classic and dreamy mini cupcakes Has become a variety of contemporary fashion tastes Earnest hope for you Return to the original natural beauty, to tease your taste buds Handcrafted to create unique cocktail flavors, a visual feast with more aesthetics Invite you to taste the only happiness https://farm1.staticflickr.com/685/19977830804_6ef7cbe08b_z.jpg https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5796/20462826378_edff10a009_o.jpg Our original design perfectly blends the cocktail and cream frosting, and presents a flower-like cake decoration art by squeezing flowers by hand. We are different from the cake body made by ordinary flour, and we specially choose "Biyue Flour" to make the cake amazing in terms of aroma and taste! In particular, the 9-pack gift box allows you to share or exchange gifts with your dearest people, which is the most luxurious and fashionable feeling! https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5644/20641660382_29812f98c5_o.jpg Contents: Nine packs (about 4-5 cm in diameter) Exquisite gift box with one exquisite paper bag Natural ingredients color usage: Blue-Butterfly Pea Flower Green-Matcha Pink-raspberry Fuchsia-black currant Brown-chocolate White-vanilla Purple-blueberry PS This product does not contain flavors and pigments. This product is a fixed combination and cannot be specified or sold! Taste period: within 3 days of refrigerating or 5 days of freezing. Please bring to room temperature to warm up for 10 minutes before serving before serving 【Delivery Method】 *Motorcycle delivery (the locomotive delivery area is limited to the Greater Taipei area and can be delivered on the same day)* PS: If you want to ship on the same day, please call 6 hours in advance to confirm whether there is stock available! The delivery time for locomotive express is from 2 pm to 9 pm Remind you! Due to rain, traffic jams and other factors during express delivery, the delivery time may be affected! In addition, bouquet cakes need to be delivered carefully and avoid damage to the cakes. In order to ensure that the courier has sufficient and safe delivery, and to avoid delaying your itinerary, please give us at least two hours of sufficient delivery and collection time. Properly Yo! Thank you! *Black cat low temperature delivery (limited to Taiwan island) Home delivery can be "designated" to select the arrival time, but it is strongly recommended to receive the package "before 13 o'clock"! The delivery time of the home delivery is based on the interval time, before 13:00, 14-18, but it is impossible to specify the exact time to arrive! It is recommended to receive the mail at least half a day earlier to avoid delaying the time you need to use! Thank you! Receiving time We strongly recommend that you receive the package before 13:00 on the day of arrival, which can shorten the time the goods are in the logistics hands and greatly reduce the risk of damage to the goods! Note: After 106/8/28, Black Cat will neither receive nor deliver goods on Sundays! Please do not choose Sunday to arrive on the arrival day! *Remind you, if you expect to arrive on Monday, we will ship it last Saturday! Example: Arrival on 9/4 (Monday), shipment on 9/2 (Saturday)! Thank you! https://farm1.staticflickr.com/758/20460209778_0a3e170e72_o.jpg Little by little, step by step, one footstep, one firm, one lasting, one happiness In order to make the beauty of pure natural desserts closer to everyone's life! We also always believe that we always insist on using original food, natural ingredients, no added flavors, and no added coloring to make the most natural desserts. The pure and natural desserts will bring people the happiest, most pleasant, and least burden-free little luck, and the world will be better! In this era of frequent food safety storms, the essence of traditional desserts has gradually divorced from modern life. **Felicitas**"European Traditional Desserts", take you to taste the beauty of natural and pure no additives, it is no longer a difficult task. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan